Of Being Judgmental

“Hey man, check it out, can you see that chubby woman, why so ugly?” “Oh come on, he is very uncool, she deserves better!” Sounds familiar? Those are some of the common jokes that are conversed with the friends making fun of others. Some defines it as eve-teasing while some says being judgmental of other people.
Whatever the case may be, we people while in group normally do make such comments about others without even attempting to put ourselves in their shoes. I’m pretty sure everybody, for that matter, would definitely agree that eve-teasing or judging other persons or worse making fun of other’s nature-given-features is something which nobody would want to be a subject of. It could become unstoppably ugly, not to mention about hurting their sentiments.
Well, as far as possible I refrain from preaching others what else to be done or not, unless other parties genuinely ask for one and if I am credible enough to do so. With that regard, when I first sparked off to write this article, my first intention was not to preach or dig out what other people have to say about other or me. My real intention was to reiterate what my Professor for Management Principles Dr. Stuaffacher has to say about “Judging” and “Opinion”.
I was in the class the other day listening to his lecture. He was lecturing on roles and responsibilities of managers in any sectors. I don’t know how that topic popped out, but maybe I guess it has something to do with being a manager. His voice raised, the eyes fixed on the guy seated right in front of him, shouted nonstop “Oh merde, you must be stupid! How come you are very ugly? Do you have girl friend? I don’t think so…..blah blah…” As if it was fired on me, my adrenaline level rose ten-folds and I felt so frozen. I thought he was going to bash him a real bad! But no, I was wrong. “I am kidding my friend, by the way, you are very cool!” laughs and pads him on his shoulder. “Ahaha, okay I agree with being ugly though!” answers the short haired Hispanic guy. “Am I being judgmental about him?” shouted the professor showing his, what he describes as a ‘caring’ face of him to the class.
“Yap, of course!” the class responded in unison. “The answer is NO. I didn’t ‘judge’ him. It was just my ‘opinion’!” forth came the answer almost immediately. As everybody in the class might have, I wondered too hearing him say such. But he went on to provide an explanation supplementing his earlier claim. Only if one carries an “action on the opinion” that one has about other, it is considered as a judgment. Else its just opinion, we are being told. “For instance, you write down what you think of others, broadcast it or publish it….then you are judging them,” a guy who boasts of having numerous prefix options to his name viz. “Colonel, Dr. Mr. Professor…” clarified the confused class.
As I keep observing through his lecture slides, I wondered that I would not have figured out the real difference between the aforementioned two if it wasn’t for him offering that powerful explanation. I felt satisfied for the day. LOL


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