A Little Gesture of Your's Means a Lot To Others

Funny enough, we had a plan like any other students for the spring break. I did bounce back and forth from the plans though; initially I was set to go for camping to Daytona with Indian and Caribbean friends, but had to withdraw due to the time conflicts and finally planned to go to Atlanta with Japanese and Korean friends. We were highly looking forward to it.

With those plans in my mind, a kind of incentive, I kept working my butt off to complete the assigned projects and homework before leaving for Atlanta. We were supposed to take off on Wednesday, the 9th of March, 2011. After submitting my assignment (with incorrect results!), I enquired the team coordinator (the Japanese guy) about our trip. What I received for a reply though left me in a complete surprise.

"It is canceled! Didn't Sena  (the korean guy) tell you about this?" And he continues, "Sorry for that!"

Sensing something strange about the whole thing, I replied "No its fine! What happened exactly?" At the same time I was worried that I might be the reason for the cancelation-for failing to contact them on time. However the reason that came forward was something I didn't even doubted.

"Sena says his leg is broken! Thought he told you".

Now I know why he had not replied to my earlier text messages; he was hospitalized! I thought of calling him immediately, but it was too late and I didn't want to wake him up. So  I assured the Japanese guy that I would call Sena the next day, and that I would go see him.

The next day I called him around 4 pm after getting back from the beach. He sounded exhausted! "I broke my legs!!!" was all he was saying. I promptly asked my Thai friend to accompany me. We cooked some noodles, boiled some eggs, and off we left to the college campus where Sena resides. We spent a few hours with him in his room, and left. The next day I went to see him again with some fruits that I bought from Wal-Mart the previous night. I could see how thankful he was for my little gesture.

"If you are not here, there is no one to bother about me and look after me. Thank you so much Pema!'' I only wish I could do more!

What I bumped into in Facebook was even more genuine. His girl friend has personally written to me all the way from Japan to thank me!

Sayuri Yamada March 10 at 7:22am Report
hi Pema! nice to meet you! im sayuri and sena's gril friend. i wanna say thank u to u! really thank u for taking care of him!! :D


  1. A wonderful story! Just a small thoughtful gesture can go a long way. Inspiring for sure. Kudos!


  2. Thanks Anu! I too get inspired by you guys' comments. Hope to write more!

  3. thats very wonderful of you :) are you the only bhutanese there at ur uni?

  4. Thanks Rica! Yes indeed, I am the only Bhutanaese over here at my university, and I am on the verge of graduating soon. Which means there will be no more Bhutanese here :)

    Appreciated for reading!


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