First ever trophy in my life!

"For the valuable contribution you have made! "
It is not the size of the trophy but the moment of it being awarded that matters

It took me these many years-16 years- to get a trophy! May be I have been around too many years that now they felt the need to give me one, probably? (lol) No, seriously I have not been recognized with any sort of trophies for contributing my hours to social activities until today. This marks the beginning, and hope it doesn't stop here! 

I did, however, have received a dozen or so of certificates for academic excellence since the second grade till I graduated from high school (12th standard). Sorry it sounds kind of showy; I can't help it (lol). But before you jump into a false conclusion that I am a "study freak", let me tell you I have engaged in co-curicular activities during my schooling days as much as I have engaged in studies. The only problem(?) though was I haven't won any awards or recognitions. May be they didn't really have such norm of awarding, or I would guess because in our schools, they expect us to contribute our time on activities no matter what. So it came to us as a form of daily routine job which we are expected to engage in- non deserving of an award/recognition so to say. 

But once we are in the university the things change, and everything in life takes a different turn-a turn that could lead you to a brighter side or to a darker side of the world. Particularly when you are in a big university, you are at lost; you don't know what is happening at the other side of the campus unless you explore and step out of your comfort zone. It took me a while to convince myself to get out of my cocoon, and get the feel of the society at large. I am still dealing with this problem (the problem of getting into the crowd), but I am relatively better now than I was a couple of years back. I have been trying to attend all the events that are organized on campus as well as off campus. Doing so presented me with a bunch of opportunities; opportunity to meet more friends, opportunity to gain self confidence, opportunity to share your own feelings, so and so forth. 

As the time passed by, I came into a close affiliation with the International Students and Scholars Services (International Student and Scholars Organization), and accordingly engaged in many activities that they organized. Now in the final semester of my four year degree course, I have become one of the most familiar faces to many friends on the campus. That in itself is a huge accomplishment given the fact that I am the only Bhutanese student on the brink of graduation in this university. Even more so, calling up front and getting recognized for the services that I have "rendered so far" is so inspiring and fulfilling in every aspects. Today coinciding with the End Semester Potluck Dinner, the Director of International Students and Scholars Services awarded me a "Rising Star Award" of the year 2010-2011. 

My special thanks to Ms. Shweta Patil, the President of ISSO, and a very good friend of mine for her support and encouragement!

Thank you so much ISSO! Go FIT!!

Note: Apart from a misspelt last name, the trophy was in fact quite nice!

Heres a collective picture. 
Do the best you could, there's always someone seeing it!

Just yesterday I have been recognized and awarded appreciation bronze certificate for Campus service hour and Community service hour! 

I feel highly honored!!


  1. its nice proud of u :)) keep going and many congratulations

  2. We are really proud of you Pema. You did it dude-THIS IS IT....CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  3. Thank you so much guys! It gives me even more strength and zest to continue working harder!

  4. Well done on your achievement. I applaud for you.

  5. Congrats on the Award....:):)

  6. My felicity Pema Wangdi bro. The title of the trophy says it all...

    You did proud to Bhutan, and to me as I too walked the same Nangkor High School after you, as a junior-most student though.

    Keep going...I believe there is more awaiting you.

  7. Thanks Tshering, Anu, and Dendup bro for the kind words!

  8. Wow! great...You must have worked really hard.........keep it up ....


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