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Finally, I am back into Blogging after more than a month. I have been busy: firstly graduating, secondly journeying back to my country Bhutan, and thirdly trying to settle down.

The month of June was the craziest of all, having to undergo a major transition! I landed on June 18th, in the Saturday afternoon on our second landing attempts due to 'unfavorable weather' at Paro. Coming home after nearly four years was a strange yet happy feeling.

Now that I am back, I am presented with so many things to address and attend to. Doing so keeps me away from this blogging world, and whenever I find time, the lack of the Internet connectivity makes it impossible to come. Oh, how I miss the broadband connection that I had there, lol. Unless I find an employment as soon as possible (where I can use the services accorded by the employer), I won’t be able to update or post any new articles here that regularly, so bear with me if you care (by the way, I hope you do care, lol).

Having said that, I will be preparing for the forthcoming BCSC exams (Bhutan Civil Service Common Examinations) preliminary examinations, which is scheduled on August 28, 2011, so wish me loads and loads of luck my dear readers!


  1. Welcome bro. I was longing for your posts. Hope one comes soon.

  2. Thanks Langa, many posts are in line, only problem is with the internet connection, so slow which is very discouraging!

  3. welcome home..(as in blogging)..:)


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