Off to the World of Work!

Excited yet nervous, pumped up yet tiring and heated up yet so cold. So was the state in which I gradually made my way through to the 'Peak of Learning' just three days ago. It was my first time to be in Sherubtse (now my work place), in fact, first timer to this entire Dzongkhag-Tashigang.

Having started my journey from Deothang quite late, I was welcomed by the chilly and darkened valley of Kanglung around 7:30 PM. As we made our way through the College main gate, all that I had back in my mind was 'how to find the accommodation' since the earlier accepted owner had reverted his decision and now wanted just the female tenants! I respect his/her preferences, no objection whatsoever, I just wish he had pronounced that early for that would enable me to find another room!

After dropping all the stuff at Mr. Sonam Tobgay's (new assistant lecturer as well) house, went to Ms. Karma Yangzom's (new as well) house for dinner, and finally went to a Mathang's house (a distant relative) house at Kanglung HSS campus for calling off the day. We were three of us, my two older brothers and myself. Felt quite uneasy to pose them a burden of accommodating all three of us, but had no options!

Early morning, after having a breakfast, we drove back to the College to report to the Director's office and to do some follow-ups. Having dropped me at the campus, my brothers made their way back to their destinations (Deothang and beyond). I felt quite sad as I bade farewell to my lovely and caring brothers. I choked quietly!

Next we were sort of escorted to the then unfamiliar buildings and offices by a senior lecturer. Firstly into the Administrator's office for the appointment, secondly to the Directors office for the briefing, thirdly to the Deans' offices and finally to the respective Department Head's office. In particular, the pain that Academic Dean took in orienting and introducing each one of us to the rest of the lecturers and staffs were very helpful and heartening! Thanks Madam Sonam!

As a final call, we were in the respective HOD's office, Department of IT/Maths in my case. Madam Sonam Wangmo looked so energetic and keen on orienting two of us (both for Maths) from the very beginning. Felt very comfortable! Despite the space crunch, she managed to find us a space at senior lecturers offices. That being done, we were briefed on the systems, and our task for the rest of the semester. Not surprisingly, she didn't assign any course to teach (since the semester is almost ending), rather required us to attain few classes "just to know how the senior lecturers conduct the classes..." Accordingly, we chose eight classes (totaling 8 hours) in a week to keep us engaged.

Frankly speaking, going to the classes ranging of 40-60 students for the first time was the most nerve-wrecking experience! Not to mention that most of the students look older than us making it difficult to differentiate between lecturers and students.

"That will do it for this semester, but be prepared to take the full module next semester," we've been reminded!


  1. Wow, you are placed to work at Sherabtse? A great news. Wish you happy days and Good Luck with your work bro. It will be pretty interesting to have a lot of friends there around you. Hope you enjoy your working life :)

  2. Congratulations, boss. Hope you will soon get acclimatized with the environs of Sherubtse.
    Good wishes.

  3. Langa: Yes la, I've been posted here very recently as you might have noticed. Thanks for your good wishes, and I am pretty sure by the combined force of you guys' wishes, I would be able to do the best in what I've been assigned for.

    Leo: Thank you very much la. I am equally hoping for the same!


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