Happy LOSAR (New Year)!

Today, it is all about the day of festivity for the Bhutanese people like our Chinese counterparts. After all, it is our New Year! The day coincides with the first day of first month of the Bhutanese Calendar.  Normally, it is the day where family gets unified, relatives and friends get together over a lavishly prepared dishes or a cup of Ara, locally brewed alcohol and Bangchang, the fermented rice/corn juice(?).

Like every one of you would have something to do on the eve of the day, I for one have a very simply thing. I send out text messages to wish all the contacts that I have saved in my cell phone. This time too, I sent out to nearly 150 people, and about 73 replied to my sms. The most enjoyable part is, of course going through all the texts one by one. Each one of them carries a certain messages to convey about the day, not to mention about their comedic nature.

This year’s out going text message was as follows:

“Its time to celebrate, enjoy, and above all reflect on your bygone years! Losar has come and gone for the time immemorial, and the most impt thing is to appreciate your life and commit to give the best in the years that follow. LOSAR Tashi Delek!! Pema”

And here is the compilation of the text messages that I got from my friends!

“Woo! A glass of ara, a glass of spy, a glass of coffee, lets chase 4 losar wid shakam n red rice. Enjoy it. So wish u a very happy losar.”

“Happy losar 2 u too. Sorry for da late reply. Anyways hope u had a wonderful start of da losap.”

“Same to you la.”

“May god sparkle ur lif wit lightin of crackers n fil ur lif wit joy n hapinss on de occasin of 2days losar. Wishing u a vry HAPY LOSAR Wai! N ya. Lagpu ane zai!”

“Thx n same to u as well”

“Thanks pema sir, I also wishes you and you family a same feelings and truth you shared to me. Let me celebrate this losar for the successful year before, with less unfortune that we had. Enjoy the day. With regards…”

“Thanks same to you”

“Yes sir!!! :-) thank you n I sincerely hope that with all blessings from new 2012, n best wishes from all well wishers, you could be able to proced further with your utmost goal la. May the luck kiss your fate, n may the sky b the limit of your success la. Happy LOSAR la!!”

“Thanks khotkin enjoy the day tomarrow”

“Thkr pema n sam 2 u. Enjoy n ve fun la”

“Hapi losar…njoy..Suga drmz”

“Thanks a lot. Make de day more memorable n enjoyable den ever…hav fun.”

“Thx bro…n same 2 u bro. Enjoy da day! Tashi delek!”

Some however didn’t even have any idea of who I am although we are from the same village. Turned out they didn’t have my number saved in their phones.

“Same to u la whoever u might be.reckon on ur past action n selected da gud ones n celebrate ur achievement n start new life with hopes, aspirations n dream to be meet in reality which will motivates next losar to be celebrate much much more better then today n obtain da 45’(degree graph here after.hapy losar, my fren or????”

“Thank u n same to u…U min pema jamtsho.?”

“So swt…its simple frm my side ‘hope u too wil enjoy d day…’ Thanks mae…dtnt ;)”

“Thank u n same wishes frm my side to one and all”

“hey same 2 u na…enjoy tey may”

"Thanks n same u”

“Wish you Happy New Year!! Dhaw Chu neypay losar lu tashi delek shu gay la!! Thanks ”

"whn d midnite bell rings 2nite, let it signify a realization of al thgs u wish 4, let signify a year of courage n blives..so vt dis I wish u a vry hapi “DAWA CHUNI PA LOSAR” njy d day..missing u..gudnite..”

“Thanks n tashi delek to u 2. Enjoy the day”

“Thx man dt wory m cuming down 2maro.so c u dr”

“Thanks a lot. Billions of smiles. Millions of hapines, thosands of suces, hundreds of prosperity , dozens of good health, tons of hopes, & 1 heart wishing u a very “HAPPY LOSAR” do njoy it. Missing u all”

“Thank.happy losar. Gdnit”

“Thank u so much!! It is pleasure for me to receive this beautiful n interesting sms….i too wish u a very enjoyable losar…Tashi Delak”

“Than q for u r wish n same 2 u. “happy loser””

“Thanks u so much n i 2 wish u a veri hapi losar. Njoy n haf fun. Gudnit n tkc”

“Wakep up with new hopes, dreams and expectations. May god bless you all with happiness. Happy Losar 2 u n ur family. Tashi Delek Yeh”

“Hi hope u doin gud there n me too. Anyway wishin u very fabulous chunipa losar to u n ur family. Happy losar buddy!!”

Thank you everybody for sparing the precious time in replying my text message. May God bless you all!
Note: Sorry for the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes!


  1. Thanks Pema....
    Iam understand now... about Losar day...
    Nice to know u... by Fahni
    Iam from Indonesia...

  2. It's my pleasure! Nice to know you as well. Have a nice day and good year ahead!


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