A Flashback

I'm two semesters old in my teaching career, and it has been a wonderful experience living the life of a teacher. The journey wasn't that easy with occasional bumpy rides on the way. But thanks to the blessings of the loving parents, wisdom of the caring seniors and the prayers of the trusting well wishers, things turned out quite good so far.

Despite the frequent emotional break downs, the show went on and now it's already in the final days of the Fall Semester 2013. The university college is a pool of people with differing dreams, differing ideas, differing ways of approach and above all differing personalities. The way in which you cater to this huge pool of diverse people shows the kind of person you are. Instead of playing the sole role of a knowledge transmitter, the teachers got to spend enough time knowing each student and catering to their needs. This is easier said than done, but it is worth trying. I am not saying or hinting in any way that I have succeeded in doing so, but this is what I have thought of and tried on a few occasions. Being year-guide to the same batch of students for two consecutive semesters was a good testing ground. Over the course of time I knew them well personally and academically, and I was able to probe them when they showed signs of deviating from the expected norms. As a result they were brought to the right track and semester progressed without any disciplinary issues that could otherwise distract their academic pursuit. I remember taking pride in  reporting about the good conduct of my students and good attendance report during the department meetings. And every time I got bogged down by the work loads and nature of job, I would take out a bundle of papers containing the feedback that I received from my students last semesters. It boosted me and gave me enough courage to go on with the teaching. It doesn't mean that I have a greatest of feedback, that is too much to ask for and not possible for a beginner like me, but it does help me to capitalize on the positive aspects of my teaching while working on to improving on the negative aspects.

Now that teaching has been completed, all I look forward to is the paper checking. Hope result would turn out to be encouraging.


  1. Good to know about your journey into teaching. I hope there's lots that teaching has to offer you. Nice post.

  2. Thank you so much Riki Sir for reading and commenting. Hoping for the best. :)

  3. Up date after a long time but it was worth reading .like the way you put your thoughts into words. Expecting more updates on your blog during your vacation .

  4. Yeah, couldn't update for quite sometimes due to obvious reasons. I will try my best updating on a regular basis now on. Thanks for reading and commenting generously :).

    Have a nice day!


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