My dream

After a hectic day, I had resigned for the bed around 12:30 am. As usual I had the alarm re-set, and computers shut off.
It has almost become a habit for me now, but I can't help it myself. I would be totally sick for lack of sleep, and I would be dying to take a nap during the day. Which would, ofcourse, just make the situation worse if I did. However, I would be seriously promising to myself come evening, I will sleep on time. Thats also another complete nonsense, because I wouldn't be able to stick to it; I will be always late.
Last night wasn't better either. I tried my best to put myself down to bed, and waited patiently for the forceful sleep to overpower my tired body. My thoughts linger everywhere aimlessly. But, today when I woke up I actually realized that I didn't have to wait that long like previous nights.
I had taken off to my dreamland very eagarly. I was over excited to meet my friends and hang out with them in that very pleasant day. As most boys would do, we were bound for some fun stuffs, but sort of competitions. Normally, I am not that competitive and I don't look athletic either. But I am very athletic-minded, and love working out. Thats true. I am sorry I don't really remember or I can't explain the form of competition that we have had. It was some sort of competition, thats all I can recall.
Okay, we were so engaged, and our competition became quite intense. (Damn it, wish I could remember all those events....;( ) I performed very commandably, and I remember receiving an overwhelming applause from my friends. Then the "magic" happened! Totally magic! Among the crowd was my recently lost sweetheart, one and only Lhazin. I don't have any idea for how long did she stay there staring at me, but when I saw her, she was truly looking at me. I saw loves everywhere in her. Her lovely eyes were saying all of those. I was literally and figuratively burst with happiness seeing her. I approached her nervously yet with total love, and threw my arms around her. We hugged each other for so long, and I saw myself flooded with tears. I really wanted to do that, ever since I met her. No words came out of my mouth although I was pregnanted with so many words. I just kept crying throughout which prompted her to break a word. The word which I long been wishing to hear from her mouth. "I'm very sorry Pema, I have come back. I'm not finding any peace with him, I've decided to leave him for you. Will you be happy to accept me back?" For a second, I couldn't breath and believe my ears. Seconds later, I realized the magnitude of each words, and I got completely dumb-founded. I didn't know what to say, I was very apprehensive of the words. Because I have heard many of these before and noticed how every word turns into a misery of pain at the end.
I affectionately kissed her, and waited for her until my alarm clock went off bringing me out from my ever wonderful day of the night!
By far, that was the most wonderful moment of my life.


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