Health Center

This semester, Fridays have been always my best days since I have got just one 45-minute class. It starts from 11:00 am and obviously the best part is that I don't need to wake up early. I love it... ;). I would immediately, unless there exist some pressing works to be done on campus, head back to my apartment and spend my time at home.
But yesterday I had to visit Health Center right after the class. I was feeling little unwell; a lill dizzy, headache, nausea, and eye pain. As I entered, a chobby lady presumably a receptionist greeted me and was asked if I were there due to sickness or for some other shots. Upon hearing that I was there due to sickness, she quickly handed me a medical history form and instructed me to fill it up.
Moments later, I was taken to a room by that very receptionist (i guess she is an assistant nurse too) and had my BP and body temperature checked. She nodded signifying I didn't have any fever or high BP. I felt happy. She then escorted me to a nurse's chamber and assured me that nurse would be with me soon. A soon turned out to be another 20 minutes, and finally she came in wearing kind of pissed off look on her mid forties face. Immediately she threw so many questions about my condition. I tried explaining all my sickness based to my abilities, but I must admit I felt difficulty getting the right word to describe my sicknesses. "How long have you been feeling that way?" the only nurse of the University Health Center inquired. "For a couple of weeks." I answered, hesitantly. As expected she began firing words after words for my delayed response to the sickness. I remained seated helplessly without any answers.
She ordered me to lie down on my back so that she could feel my stomach and make the exams easier. I did very obediently. Seconds later, she announced that the exams are perfect and that I need no further examination. She was of the view that I had not taken previous medicine regularly and that I must start having same type medicines once again. She scribbled down on a prescripton slip and handed me with a condition that I must report to her by next two weeks. I promised, thanked and headed back to my room quite pissed off.
What does it mean by a perfect exam when I am seriously not feeling well? Did she know that I was seriously sick? Thats why I hate going to the hospital.
By the way, I haven't bought the medicines yet. May be tomorrow!


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