Away on a break.

I know I have made a big commitment to keep this blog updated. I am mindful of that, but after four stressful months of studying, I had planned for a trip with my friends. We went to Tampa, a 3-hour drive from Melbourne, mainly for visiting Busch Garden which costs $75 just for entry!
We stayed there for a night in the hotel located next the St. Peterburgs International Airport. You know what I mean, just next to the airport, meaning thunderous noises from incoming and departing aircrafts. So it was no wonder why the hotel was quite cheap, comparatively. I am yet to confirm, but I do remember my roommate declaring that it was $40 per night. Well anyway, we had a good time there and despite all those odd locations, I had had a undisturbed sleep; thanks to the tiring walk along the clear water beach and an hour long swimming. Let me be honest here though, I don't know how to swim, but that didn't deter me getting into the salty water (ocean) flogged by spectacular bikini My friends were kind enough to give me some swimming lesson, for which I tried but failed.
That pretty much summed up the first day of the trip. Oh okay, actually we had a magnificent dinner at a steak house. By the way, I loved the server very much after all she was probably the most beautiful server I have ever seen in the steak house. That left me with no option than to tip her almost $5. I saw one of my friends who sat just next to me also tipping her $5 for that very reason! Finally, we summed our day with a few bottles of bear before we hit the beds.
Next day, it was Sunday, May 9, and we were bounded for Busch Garden, the main purpose of our trip. Previous night, our trip coordinator, my roommate P'Ay instructed us to wake up around 7:30 AM, get a breakfast at the downstair of the hotel. By the way, it was free for clients which comprised of bacon, eggs, coffee, light drinks, donuts, and breads. We did it accordingly, and around 8:30 AM, we checked out and headed for Busch Garden. Rest of the day, we were mostly walking around the Garden, taking pictures of variety of animals. Perhaps it was not a brilliant idea to start off with a roller coaster ride which made my day miserable as I battled with headache for rest of the day. I couldn't ride any more roller coasters, not even the least craziest one; a sort of boat ride.
At the end of the day, I learnt from my friends who had ridden all roller coasters (around 4 or 5) that the one we rode was the most craziest one. So now I know I should not start with a roller coaster ride.
Around 6:30 pm we exited the Busch Garden, and headed for Orlando where we would be having dinner at Chinese restaurant. After having a heavy dinner of sea foods, rice, beef noodles, and crispy pork and duck, we zoomed off for our final destination-apartment. Not to mention about gotten lost several times along the highway, I must declare it as a wonderful trip.


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