The real killer!

I have been dealing with it for years now. I have come to realize that I am knowingly making my life harder myself by not complying with what I honestly know should be done. The so called procastination is such a killer that leaves you totally paralized if appropriate measures are not taken on time.
The fact that I am always struggling at the end of the semester or at the end of the due dates is becuase I don't really get serious about the things that I am supposed to be doing. Having to deal with all those hurdles, quite often, I would with genuine concern promise to myself that I won't repeat the same old shit and that I would start on time, thereby saving my from another eleventh hour haste.
But here again, I am pushing behind all those works which If I'd taken due interest, and started on time, I would not be here today scribbling nonsense. A friend of mine, a Japanese, says that he does whatever is asigned right away and spend rest of the time judiciously. How smart!! I've committed several times in front of him to follow his strategies, but until now I have been failing. Seriously failing. I should be damned!
The helpless part is that I know nothing is actually tough when its taken seriously and put effort as its supposed to be put. I have noticed that repeatedly, yet why am I not able to follow what is best for me? It makes me sick time and again. I have proved to myself that if I try and work on time, I end up getting better grades. Still nothing seems to motivate or in fact put sense in me. So I thought I should spell everything out here in front of you viewers and readers with a promise to not procastinate my work anymore. I am worried that it will be tough, but certainly not impossible. The idea behind bringing it here is that having promised in front of you guys, I have an obligation to keep up my promise and not try ruining it again.
Please, pray for my success. Fingers crossed!


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