Summer Class Update: A decision made

As much as I cared about getting into the Elementary Spanish class, I was equally worried about the heavier workload that would have come with it. After all I was talking about taking three classes in summer semester which has merely eight weeks. I knew trying out such thing was a complete suicidal, but again I didn't want to make my life harder for the remaining semesters.
Out of frustration as well as in quest of finding wise solution, I have been gathering opinions from my friends who gave many varied thoughts and options. I took note of all. However, I knew no matter whatever they say, the ultimate decision lies on my hand. Accordingly I decided to not register for Spanish purely based on the fact that I would not be able to master the materials within 8 weeks time. Because it is a totally new course to me, and everything I'll have to start from scratch on top of already enough challenging courses that I have registered for. I was concerned, and mindful of that. Moreover, I have missed the first class on Monday, yet I was hopeful of getting my closed class form signed by Tuesday, thereby enabling me to join the class on Wednesday. But, unfortunately Dr. Taylor couldn't attend to my request form which meant another day or so of waiting. That will be a disaster for I will have missed two classes even if he approves by then. So considering all those odds, I went on to meet the department secretary and withdrew my form. The deal finally came on an end. Its good that I don't need to struggle with three courses, but the very first civilization class was torturing enough despite the fact that we got the most hottest professor. She surely is hot! LOL. Modern Physics wasn't any better, though.


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