A Guitar Lesson

I have very recently bought a brand new computer-mac book pro. Its a 13-inch and it costed me $1200 including tax after availing the student discount. Although I had that plan of buying new computer for quite sometime, I didn't want to buy any time soon. But situation necessitated me to go ahead and buy it no matter what. Thats because in Spring semester I was taking a programming course (C++) for which I needed the visual studio 2008 to start with. My old Toshiba computer which I bought in 2007 for mere $400 has grown quite old and wasn't supporting the software that I wanted to run.
Basically for first few weeks of the semester, I had to go to the college library to do the assignments which was very inconvenient since I am living off campus. Riding bike alone at night is not a very good idea specially here. I am at least glad I got some reasons to blame about. LOL. I was doing terrible in that class and I was the dumbest guy in the class. I felt really ashamed although there was none who knew me in a personal level. Actually there was one whom I knew since the freshman year, but that guy dropped the class even before taking the midterm.
So considering all those aforementioned problems, I had to consult my roommate who is almost 10 years older than me for an advice. I am explicitly revealing our age difference just to let you guys know the credibility of my advisor. I am not intending any offense. Indeed, his word was so powerful and matured which enabled me to take a firm decision before it was too late. Talking about the late thing, I mean resulting with an F if not dropped on time (if it is necessary)!
"Pe Ay (Bro. Ay), I am really having a tough time with C++. I think I am gonna end up failing with this class. Should I drop the class or buy the computer which supports visual studio 2008?" I fired to my very roommate expectantly for an answer.
"Pema, you know even if you drop the class, you are already losing around $3000 (Tuition that my scholarship paid for it), that means it as same as you had bought a computer. Now you see instead if you go ahead and buy the computer it will cost you $1200 and you will still have that course."
Wow, that made a lot of sense. It really did, I was so totally out of mind! In fact, I was pretty much decided to drop the class. But his word made me reconsider my decision and ended up buying the computer. Thats how I got my new computer. Now it runs two operating systems: its parent/default Mac OS and Windows 7. Latter being required for VS 2008- the sole purpose of buying the computer.
Macbook pro has gotten lots of great features which I am still discovering everyday. Yet one thing that caught my attention is the "garage band". It is mainly a guitar tutorial and has got many useful features to make one guitarist if one is so consistent about it. So my whole write ups above are basically to share that I have begun to take that lesson and so far I have got as far as lesson number 4. I am committed to work for the remaining lessons during this weeklong break before I get bogged down by summer classes. By the way, I have already registered for three courses for summer alone. I am aware of challenges that are ahead of me this summer!
Pray for me, and yeah wish me for my guitar endeavor. I hope to play and sing a song with you guys!
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  1. That seems like an interesting feature. I've read about computer applications or features where you can get basic tutorials about a particular musical instrument, yet I can't imagine learning it all by myself. There has to be someone I can bug about musical concepts I can't grasp. But that's just me, I'm glad you found one that incredibly works right for you. Tell me about it. =) Cherie @ HamRockMusic.com


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