Shocking Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I'm having a break, this week has never favored me in any slightest way. In fact, it failed me completely and brought me tremendous shocks!!!
First, it was an accident in which my roommate and friends got seriously injured; thereby having to undergo critical medication... still now. I even don't know how long they will have to continue. It was a shocking news and bad fortune obviously.
But the second one that I heard just moments ago from my brother is even more shocking-its heartbreaking!!!! How can they do it? Why would anyone take their own life? Why, seriously why? I'm totally heartbroken to hear that my uncle who was a school teacher at our community school hung himself to death! What more worse can it become? How more shocking can it be? I am truly truly hopeless and helpless to hear he did that leaving behind his loved ones; more importantly he had three lovely kids who are growing up day by day and wanting the parents' guidance more and more. Why did he not wait to see them grow to become somebody someday? Why did he not realize that nobody can give the true love that the real parents give?...The longer I sit alone in my room, the more dumbfounded I become by those countless questions.
But no matter how hard I try to figure out, those questions are just left as questions without any concrete answers. I wish I had someone nearby me explaining and convincing me enough that suicide is the only ultimate solution for whatever problem that one might be entangling to. Will there be anyone other than the one who are committed to suicide that can give the most convincing answer?
Anyway, there is nothing that could be done at this point of time to alter what has already happened. I am writing this blog just to show how (particularly because I am far away from home where I can't have the last glimpse of my uncle) I loved him as a teacher, father, uncle, and as a respectable member of our interlinked family. We will miss your quite yet magnificent presence, your humblest nature, and above all everything that you had been to us-family and relatives around.
I pray that your soul rest peacefully in the heavenly abbot!!!


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