Summer Class Dilemma

I wish our university had a provision to notify those students who had registered for the course which later gets cancelled due to whatever reason it may be. By doing so would help us choose other courses, meet student advisors, and register before its too late.
Thats what happened: After getting approval from my academic advisor, who normally is busy, with much hurdle, I had registered for three courses: Business Statistics, Civilization II, and Modern Physics all for this summer 2010. Three courses in summer? Yeah, thats right, I was going to try how it works. However, lately when I checked the detailed schedule for this summer and printed them out, I was surprised to see only two courses. I rechecked it to make sure if I had printed in fully. Yes I had. Suspicious of something usual about the whole situation, I made a final attempt to check my registration status for the summer through PAWS (sorry I don't know what does it stand for, but its a online service). There I found it marked: "Course Cancelled on May 6." against the Business Statistics course.
I am partly to be blamed too because I was being a little irresponsible by not checking it earlier, but how am I supposed to know that they will cancel it once it got published in the schedule? It just doesn't make sense to me. I am pretty pissed off right now, yet again it gives me some chance to decide wisely as to if I would be able to handle three big courses within 8 weeks. Well, this is not an issue with me right now. The real issue is why don't they notify us automatically to those registered students in advance so that we can make a better choice of the class and register for another class appropriately; without having to hustle and bustle at the last minutes for last minute hustle doesn't guarantee to get into the class that we opt for as it gets closed way before unless the course is a very boring one.
Thats what exactly happened to me. The only option that I could think of was taking Elementary Spanish 1 as a free elective. Although I am so thankful to my advisor for replying me promptly with an approval for the course, I didn't have a luck to get to the class. It was already closed. As a matter of fact, the class has already four students over the limit. So I've a pretty low chance of getting the closed class form approval from Dr. Taylor, the head of the Humanities Department.
Lets see what happens next, now its entirely up to Dr. Taylor. I will end up taking Spanish if he approves by tomorrow, else I will be having just two classes. The work load sounds better, but it means a heavier load for the remaining semesters.


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