Reflection: A Sense of Motivation

The summer semester is in full swing, and assignments are coming in nonstop. I already had a civilization quiz last week, and the modern physics mid-term exam 1 just day before yesterday. Another quiz is being announced for coming Tuesday, and I am still trying to catch up with the readings. Theres just too many readings, which I am not very keen of doing it. in fact, I hate it!
But if I succumb to my hatred, there is a slim chance of getting even C, forget about getting an A or B. I certainly don't want this to happen as I am so conscious about my grades. I mean I have to be because I am obligated to summit the report end of every semester to the IIE (Institute of International Education) head office, my funding agency. It is clearly spelled out in the TOA (Terms of Appointment) that the grantees are expected to demonstrate a satisfactory academic performance, and that the continuation of grants would depend on the grades. Sounds pretty scary, and what if they finds me unsatisfactory and accordingly diverts the fund to someone else? That would be undesirable. I should make an impression on them that the money they spend on me actually is worth, and that I am deserving of every penny. Above all, I am so appreciative of the fact that the IIE has given me this platform which is highly prestigious a scholarship. I truly feel honored!
Back in Bhutan, I was a student of a very remote school equipped with just basic facilities. Obviously, I didn't have much exposure and knowledge about the modern world. So when I got selected for Fulbright Scholarship, I had a mixed feelings: I was very happy that I got a scholarship, but I was equally worried and nervous about being in the foreign countries. Because, I am talking about someone who lived in the least developed country and never stepped out of the region traveling to the most developed country-the US! It was a complete change that I had to embrace it: the life style, foods, culture, so and so forth.
But now after having been here for all most three years, I feel the growth, both physical as well as intellectual, that have taken place in me. So all the credit goes to the Fulbright Scholarship Board for giving me this opportunity to pursue my dreams, and serve in the nation building. They have entrusted Bhutan to be one of the countries worthy of giving the highly renowned scholarship, and subsequently bestowed me with all those opportunities which everybody aspires for, but does not get it. These are my motivations, and every time I get bogged down with the work load, I try to think of this, and accordingly put my great effort in fulfilling my dreams: to be a teacher and help build the future leaders!
Thank You Fulbright Board!!!


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