An Awaited News (repost)

The day was so beautiful and I was very happy . I can't remember the particular place (don't find it crazy though, I've answer at the end), but the sceneries were so breathtaking. Ever since I left my country, which is more than a year now, I was mostly predominated by the memories of parents and friends. I felt lonely and often regreted for coming here. I was worried that there might be more sad stories than happy memories though being in the most deveolped country. I kept communicating in dreams over the nights and I tried comforting myself.
My heart was filled with tremendous happiness as I came to my country and got to meet my parents. My dad and mom seems to look over-joyed to have me back at home after a long time while my sister introduces me her little duaghter(my niece). Woah, I like kids very much, I was really happy to have her in my arms. She is such a cute lill baby!!
That alone wasn't responisble(ed) for making day great. I was actually with my dearest one. I presented her to my parents and everyone seemed to be welcoming. In fact she has built her closeness within no time with them and particularly with my sister. As I kept observing them from the distance, my heart flooded with love. One thing I loved about her was, she was so comfortable with my poor parents and sister(ofcos with kids too). I was worried that the individual interest and life style might confict creating an huge communication gap. But from her dealings on the very beginning of our time just proved that wrong. While her unconditional helps never failed to draw their loves and attachments, her simplicty yielded an unending praise.
I could see the smiles in their faces as I worked un-detachably with her. My days were alys enlightened by her consistent but infectious simles and was with constant fear of losing it. Without even giving a second thought, I would say that the very day was the best day in my entire life until i was waken by that damn alarm clock bringing my special day into a complete end.
After all, that was the most awaited news-only god knows why!!!


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