A compromise (repost)

Everyone of us have been borne the way that we are now. Some are happy with what they are or how they are or what they have. Some even go to an extent of hurting oneself for being that way ignoring the greatest (rarest) gift that we have indeed ever gotten- the life!
By virtue of karma or love, people from the different section of lives bump into each other and the bond develops. Neither does one know nor the conscience of the future and it's delicacy. The time plays the role and mints the 'ship'-the greatest sailing ship of the world.
But not many (me included) contemplate to compromise the 'thing' for the wider good. At times, the barrier gets built up and road to the 'right' information gets blocked! It ends with unwanted results, the result which paralyzes 'the functions of bond'. Quite often the silly complications lead to an unsolvable equation. Then the whole chemistry gets messed up!
No matter how hard one tries to settle the unfounded complications, one sided initiatives eventually fail. It is rightly said that knowing the limit is the act of a wise man, and I couldn't agree more. One shamelessly do try put the best part out of the bad situation only to miserably fall into the trap of an unwilling robot.
The fact is, though, as one keeps doing within the frame of legalities with true heart, the truth always prevails over other and no ill will can disharmonize nature of living.
One's state of mind is what I feel is important and if its for better, both parties should be willing to make some compromise!


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