Happy Birthday!

Today is all about being in a festive mood, and happy. Its on this day 23 years back that I first stepped onto this world! Not until very recently, however, that I took it as a bit serious affair and gave due recognition.
As an underprivileged boy, back in Bhutan, I didn't have resource to mark and celebrate the day. To my friends surprise, I had no idea about my birthday until high school let alone celebrating it. It was only when we were required to fill the forms for the issuance of examination entry card that I came to know about it!
Now being on the foreign soil, I can't help but remain amazed seeing how the "birthdays" are given that importance. Its more of a family affair, and the loved ones go on to surprising their counterparts with their presents and parties. Afte feeling the need, and appreciating the cause, I celebrated my first ever birthday (my 21st birthday), in 2008 joined by my international friends. It was both happy as well as shameful moment, though! Happy because it was my day, and obviously having the party. And shameful, or rather nervous, because I had not celebrated before, and didn't know what else to do. However, everything went very well, and we had a fun night!
So today as well, although without cake ceremoy, I and my roommates family and friends got together for a dinner just to feel the day. They made pork salad, and korean steak for me, and yeah it was very good indeed! Happy to get lots of wishes and messages from my beloved friends. Thanks a lot!! I am feeling 23 now! LOL


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