Happy Day (Re post)

Florida is better known as "Sunshine state"; meaning always sun shine and hot weather. These days; however, are blessed with pleasant and warm weather while northern states are battling with the freezing weather. It provides the most wonderful condition for those who are willing to take a walk and hang out over a cup of coffee. Yesterday, thursday 8th Jan. 2009, I woke up around 8:30 AM and got ready for the day. I have had the goals set up for the day and as I started my journey to my college biking, I recited Tashi Tsekpa(prayer) silently. 30 minutes paddling across a busy street wasn't a joke, yet I made it. I was in fact following my friend and it was a joyful ride though my buttock started paining.
I made it to the college and proceeded to handover my housing contract. That was the one I was more concerned about or gave me the biggest burden. Thank god, my repeated requests yielded a successful handover. Take a note-I am now finally out from this fucking dorm!
I went to inspect my room that I will no longer be living. Room reminded me of my coolest korean roommate who left his studies for Mandatory Military Training. Our room was actually already occupied by a new freshmen student from Bangladesh. Basically, though he was accompanied by his dad, he was with full of worries and questions purely becuase of being new to the environment; the same mental stress that I went through at the beginning.
I briefed him about the school conditions, where, how, when, what-- all to do in college. I could see and feel their gratitude from their eased eyes and expressions. I made it clear that everything was fine with them before I left for my apartment. Following that I gave my contact number if in case they needed some help.
Back at home, I was with great satisfaction from my day's small deed. I once sought similar type of help and the only fear I had was how I can pay back for their helps. Now as I am taking their places, I felt that only way to pay back for their helps is to help others who are in need! One thing made me great-I am host in the place which was a complete stranger.


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