A visit to NASA-Kennedy Space Center, Florida

A couple of weeks back, I with my roommates (all from Thailand), went to the Kennedy Space Center: NASA which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, based in Cocoa Beach, Florida, roughly an hour drive from Florida Institute of Technology.

It so happened that the entry was free on that day by the virtue of being Brevard County resident. Normally, on other days I am being told that one has to pay around USD 45 to enter. I made a right decision to go on that day, despite having lots of works, pending!

This is my third year in the US, and more specifically in Florida, but never been to NASA base before even once. I knew now my time is running out, and so accordingly I had to weigh my decisions: "Go today or miss the chance for life!". After few minutes of contemplation, I chose to go.

I was happy that I chose to go following seeing the spectacular showcase relating to space shuttle, and their discoveries. I couldn't have chosen any better place to hang out than that. It did really bring in me more sense about what I have been studying, in theory!

I got to touch the stone (or lets say something of that sort), brought from the Moon, it was exciting. See the picture below:

The space-shuttle take off simulation, and the 3-D movie of the space are the best part of the trip. The shuttle take off simulation gives a very real experience about how astronauts and the crew experience while taking off from the launch pad, detaching of the solid-rocket boosters halfway through the journey, and arriving in the space- twinkling myriad of stars!

All in all, it was a very educative as well as fun. That gave me more reasons to appreciate science, works of scientists, astronauts, and mystery of how theories turned to a practical thing!


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