A Lonely Journey to the US (Part III)

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As our car accumulated more and more mileage towards the destination (the airport), the breathtaking beauty of Paro valley unfurled itself naturally.

“No wonder foreigners pay USD 250 per head per day to visit our country,” I convinced myself.

I was still challenged with my speech, though; neither did I scream for joy nor cry out loud for departing with my loved ones. I did that all by myself in complete silence!
Shortly into the Paro valley the Paro International Airport came to my sight-the green roofed terminal buildings, and the only runway running parallel to the road leading to the main Paro downtown. The gate welcomes us into the airport compound; this time even more welcoming as our car rolled in full speed straight towards the entrance. I remember and agree with how a tourist described his first experience on the road right after landing on the soil of Bhutan. Loosely paraphrasing, the tourist wrote, “The first half a kilometer or so of road from the airport is almost insulting (misleading?)…That smooth and straight road comes to an complete end…” adding that if you already thought the roads in Bhutan are wonderful going by that section of the road, you are wrong, the remaining journey are nowhere close to that; instead be prepared for a rollercoaster ride.

Like he said, the double lane straight approach-road provided us a finest approach to the airport. Our car momentarily came to a halt right at the entrance and brother Sangay quickly pulled my bag out from the trunk. Our driver was nothing like a regular cabbie; he not only looked professional in conduct but also was caring like my immediate family members. I thanked him for rising up so early and driving us till airport. Surprisingly he offered to wait for my sister, niece and my brother even if it took more than an hour or so. Basically he was going to wait until I took off.

While he was headed to the parking lot, a lady in a clean navy blue dress approached us from the building. Later I came to know that she is a good friend of Anna Karma who is working for Druk Air. My sister introduced us. She looked active and friendly. She took my only bag from my brother for check in. I shook hands with my brother, patted on my 2nd grader niece, and Anna as I bade farewell to the final lot of my loved ones! My newly met lady friend had already passed the gate and was waving at me, so I followed her hastily like a baby running after an escaping mother. Breaking into a sweet smile, she asked me to hand her my passport and the ticket. I nervously unbuttoned my handbag dangling diagonally from my shoulder, and handed her the required documents she asked for. She placed my bag on the counter, attached a few papers on it and pushed into the scanning room. My big black bag rolled helplessly into the room. She came towards me and asked me to stay outside or inside since my flight was not until 10:00 AM or later depending on the weather. In fact, the Aircraft, which would take me, was on the way to Paro, she told me. She walked me out till where my brother, Anna, niece and our driver stood. They were little surprised to me again shortly after our departure (lol). We sat down on the green lawn in front of the entrance and created some last minute fun moments. Both my brother and sister advised me to be cautious while traveling alone and at the same time assured me that everything would be all right. I felt comforted in that moment, but how I so wished I had someone accompanying me.

Talking of accompanying, I had already begun to miss my girl friend. Running almost three years in a relationship, I have drawn comfort, inspiration, and happiness from her all day in and day out. We just cursed the cruel fate for making us lead into two different directions. Right then, I thought I should call her for the last time. I remembered the other day I recharged my cell phone worth of Nu. 500 so there should be some balance. I had used some minutes calling my friends, relatives, and family who were in my contact list. Just before I went inside for baggage check in with the lady, I had given my cell phone to Ata Sangay. So now I needed it back to see if I could get hold of my darling. I excused from them, stepped aside and dialed to the person whom I never get tired of talking.

....to be cont'd

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  1. wooowww...its really picking up....brother, keep it up

  2. Thanks la!

    It is you guys' comments that give me the strength required to keep it going!

  3. I am bit late to comment though.

    I see your life in me. The cost of missing someone dear from a faraway place is very addictive. Even how much I wish to go back to Bhutan sooner.

    You have a wonderful life and keep going with the relation. Trust is all we need!


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