Our Royal Wedding!

HM & would-be-queen Jetsun Pema
Picture courtesy: Bhutan Observer
It was 2 AM, and I was on the bed when I suddenly felt like checking the twitter updates. The first thing I saw was just unbelievable. I couldn't believe for a while, but as I scrolled further, I saw few more similar updates-The HISTORIC update indeed about the "Royal Wedding"! Immediately the next prominent question popped up in my mind "who could be that future Queen?" A few more scrolls down, I found someone already twitted "HM to be married with a commoner Jetsun Pema..."

Normally I don't miss to listen to HM's speech and other important events on live BBS radio from the internet. Being away from country, I rely heavily on the online news for the updates about the country and the world.

But last night when I saw the updates, I had already missed the live speech! Because I didn't know that the National Assembly Session was beginning from yesterday. None of the new papers reported or provided hats up about the coming up of the Parliament session this week.

Although I can always find the recorded audio or video later on, you don't get the real feel as the live speech!

So thats my rant on the new papers! (lol)

But all in all, looking forward to our Royal Wedding and already excited about the month of October!!

In the meantime, thanks twitter for enabling us to share a real time news and events!


  1. Congrats on your Kings wedding :).Let the celebration continue forever :).Guess you be in your country by October :)

  2. Thanks Anu, and yeah luckily this time I will be in country to join the nation in celebrating our very own Royal Wedding!!


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