Homecoming Parade 2010

The homecoming event officially started since the 3rd of November, and today was the main event with a parade through the streets on the campus area. Homecoming is a tradition widely practiced in north American universities, colleges, and high schools to welcome the alumni and 'former residents'. (wikipedia)
Bhutan joining rest of the countries.

The today's parade included an ROTC troop, a merchant band, our university cheerleaders, and high school cheerleaders, a group of students representing the International Student and Scholar's Organization (ISSO), and several vehicles and people representing their sororities and fraternities.

I was one of the students as a member of the ISSO representing Bhutan. Just day before yesterday, the student President of ISSO who happens to be my friend's girlfriend had emailed me asking if I could bear the Bhutan Flag and join the parade. I instantly felt excited about the idea, and promptly responded in affirmation. After all, this is my second last semester here, and this will be the last chance! For the last few years of my stay here, I was just a dummy spectator as I was fairly unknown to most of them. So this time I grabbed the opportunity, and I represented the Kingdom of Bhutan probably for the first time in the history of Florida Institute of Technology, if the only person who graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 1991 had not done so! As per the record provided to me by an official from Royal Civil Service Commission, I am the second person to none to study in this university after Mr. Ganga Ram Sharma, who as per the record is an Engineer in the Ministry of Information and Communications now.

While Bhutan seems to be fairly new to most of the people I encountered here, at least I feel, today I held and raised the Flag as high as any other countries' flags. At several locations, I heard those people standing by witnessing the parade murmuring something like ''...Oh that one has a Dragon on it, which country is it?" Only if I could break the line, I would have told them about the great country which that flag represents.
Lone Bhutanese joins the homecoming parade 2010

The parade made a complete round on the campus roads, and finally wrapped up at the college parking lot. The news about the Barbecue luncheon from my friend just came as a great relief to me as I was quite starving then, so we proceeded to the 'pantherium', and helped ourselves. That was a day!

Happy Homecoming 2010.

Go Florida Institute of Technology!!!


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