Getting to know Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

About a dozen or so teaching members of the college came voluntarily for Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) training resourced by a senior Computer Science faculty Mr. Sangay Thinley. Although VLE has been made available to all the colleges under Royal University of Bhutan for quite a sometime  now, it remains fairly unknown to most of the faculty. One thing is because not many are trained to make use it and also due to heavy academic workload that keeps them away from using it. I have come to know about it and even used it at Samtse College of Education. But that was as a student. Now as a teacher, I have to know how to create a course, post assignments, manage attendance and many more which VLE handily provides. In an attempt to popularize it, Sir Sangay has taken personal initiative to forgo his weekends and teach those who are new and genuinely interested to use.

It was a hands-on training and we were trained on using various features that VLE has, which if made to a full use can be so handy. We assumed a course creator's role and created a new course each on which we added the features such as class time table, work plan, and posted some assignments and quizzes. It was during the time of creating quizzes that we resorted to "GOOGLE" (Yes, who doesn't right? Haha) for suitable questions to be added to the question bank. I don't know what prompted my colleague to search me typing my name on the google search engine, but what he showed me had me taken back to my university life. Its been more than two years since my graduation and had almost forgotten about the photo-shoot that I did once for the University brochure.

If anyone is interested to study at Florida Institute of Technology, Florida, then follow this link:

Following is the interview excerpt:

Florida Tech

Name: Pema Wangdi
Country: Bhutan

Major: Applied Mathematics
Tell us about your first visit to Florida Tech.
Florida Tech is a small campus that is beautiful and welcoming. I quickly learned how diverse the student population is and how many fun things there are to do within the campus and around it.
Tell us about your experience with campus life and student activities.
There are many organizations to get involved in at Florida Tech which gives me many different types of activities to choose from. The university itself is such a close community with so many great people. I feel like I am cared for and part of a big family!
Tell us about your major.
I am currently majoring in applied mathematics here at Florida Tech. Initially I was going to major in mathematical sciences, but I am now very happy in my applied mathematics major. The faculty and staff guided me through the major changing process to make it as easy as possible.
Tell us about your professors.
The thing that still amazes me is the credentials that all of the professors in our department have. They all have degrees from highly reputed universities and have established their names in the world of mathematics. Some professors have even been to space! On top of that, all of my professors have been so kind and helpful in my studies!

Tell us about your plans for the future.
Even though there are many opportunities for me here, I hope to teach in my country after receiving a degree fromFlorida Tech. I have done undergraduate research on the modeling of cell growth via functional differential equations under the guidance of my professor who helped me build confidence. Florida Tech has challenged me to do my best which I know will help in achieving what I have always dreamed about.
Tell us any advice you have for future Florida Tech students.
Florida Tech is a safe haven for higher learning; you need to be part of it!


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