Kanglung comes to life

To the residents of Kanglung and in particular the shopkeepers whose livelihood depends majorly on the students and staffs of this premiere institute-Sherubtse, the summer and winter vacations are their worst period of the year for the obvious reason. As the semester gears to an end, they clear their stocks and get ready to close their business. In a way, they also prepare for a forced-vacation.

No sooner than the students depart for various parts of the country for vacation, the shopkeepers lock their business up and leave the town with a deserted look. This poses some inconveniences for the remaining few who chooses to spend their vacation on the campus itself. 

"We can't even get the basic necessities, such as vegetables, as shops remained totally closed," says a lecturer who prefers to remain on campus.

The otherwise lively Kanglung town with tens of hundreds of students and lecturers comes to an abrupt  halt by the end of the semester. With the closing of the college, the brisk business also comes to a halt and everything looks dry. As if to cover up for the poor or no business during the vacations, the prices for the items during the season climb very high! Yet with a fewer alternatives in the offing, the students and the staff have to live with the soaring prices of the basic commodities.

The dormant lives of the shopkeepers come to a full swing with the picking up of the business as the semester once again set to begin. The mood of the entire town changes and within no time the town assumes a business hub, though seasonal. Packed buses and taxis making their way into the town are a welcome scene for them as they indicate the opening of the college for yet another busy semester. They begin to stock up their goods and once again their busy life restart. Apart from the prospect of their business, they get the sense of the re-union of the family members.

The college is very much a part of their life and they always look forward to the reopening of the college. As usual the Fall semester 2013 officially kicked off with the Faculty meeting held on the morning of Saturday, 20th July, 2013. The ER (Essential Repeat) students have come early to prepare for the paper(s) they are required to clear before the commencement of the regular classes scheduled for 25th. As the day breaks from the dawn, number of vehicles make their way into the town ferrying the students from various parts of country. The provosts remain busy allocating the rooms and lecturers keep busy planning for the semester.

Everybody seems so engaged with the regular duty and thus the Fall Semester has officially started in the Sherubtse College.


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