My Birthday Prediction!

Today is a very special day for me. I’m all so thankful for this day for I was given this wonderful experience to be this world.
I did not have a luxury of celebrating a cake ceremony with candlelight. I did not have a pleasure of hosting a sumptuous dinner and I did not have an honor of receiving a special call or wishes from the loved ones, either.

But I did have a chance to smile real big with my 1st grader niece. I happen to share about my birthday to my sister over a lunch along a casual conversation. It wasn’t that difficult to recollect my 25th birthday, (1st July2012), when I do so, though, it brings me tears and fears. The last thing anybody would want for the birthday is a sickness/illness! I was seriously ill and bedridden with sudden body pain and muscle fatigue. My parents panicked but all for their desperate effort in conducting sudden ritual, I recovered by the next day! That’s how I remembered my 25th birthday. This year’s birthday, at least I am thankful, I didn’t fall sick. I am here at Deothang for summer vacation. My niece upon hearing me mentioning about my birthday to her mom, asked me how old I was. I plainly said “26”, but my answer surprised her. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to believe me until her mom’s confirmation.

Having confirmed, she took out a paper and a pencil and sat beside me. She asked me a few questions, and I answered based to my abilities. J The next moment she had the findings of her game. She has a prediction for me on my 26th birthday:
“You will marry with KZ (short form of my girl choice I’ve given to her, and will go to Tibet, will have one kid and be a carpenter later in life!”

I was amazed by my 1st grader niece’s prediction. Although it is just a game, I liked her findings, I really did. Haha. She made my birthday special with her prediction and I promised that I would see if her prediction indeed turns out to be true.


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