My Apologies!

Tired of that pop-up warnings: "You start-up disk is almost full, delete some files to create space." every time I start my computer, finally I set out to 'clean up' my computer earlier today. One by one, I scanned through the files, pictures, and deleted to create space although I wasn't keen on doing it. While doing so, I encountered with following write up and the title clearly speaks: 

I hope you are engaging well in preparation for the RCSC examination. I have known you as a very diligent and superbly dedicated person, so, I have no doubt that you will do just as great in examinations. Above all, you are such a sweet person I have ever known. The very short but precious time I got to spend with you in Thimphu is the best and memorable moment and I will cherish throughout my life. Your captivating beauty coupled with a divine figure blend so well with your dashing smile that you flash every now and then. I was totally mesmerized and carried away by your angelic presence. I could very well spend all the time I had in my life just looking at you. Strikingly simple person that you are, a love and care that you exude is just so beyond my word. For someone who had been a subject of repeated betrayals, I thought the God has finally answered my prayers in the form of angelic K!

I don’t know what to say; when your heart is full your mouth is numbed. But let me begin with what I am ought to say: I’m so sorry! I could very well relate now to what you told me that fateful night about your boyfriend being so “possessive”. I could understand how much you meant to him and there I can see the reason why he had to be that way. Because you are too precious to be lost to someone else! You are the best he had in his life and he couldn’t even imagine of losing you. I was so touched by his sadness and falling-life that he had been subjected to all because of my unjustified action in ‘keeping in touch’ with you. I’m so sorry! Dear, you made a right decision in choosing a guy; he certainly sounds like a great personality with generous humility. When I heard about his version of story, I just felt like crying. But more than crying, I feel like a culprit plotting all those dramas between you two. It is so unfortunate to have thought that I did it with full knowledge of you guys being in relationship. I wish I knew it before. Nevertheless, I’m very positive and hopeful that things could be changed to its original course. Please, accept my apology for being such a nuisance in you and your boyfriend’s united life. Like I often say, I have all positive things to say about you because of which I had drawn so much of hope and dreams from you. I will never ever forget it. Everything that I said and done are without clear knowledge of you guys being in a long built relationship. I have said everything that I felt about you and I meant what I said, but please do forgive me for that. I deeply regret for calling you during odd times (“when you guys were together”) and caused so much of unnecessary tension. Wish I knew you guys were together. That wasn’t my intention at all. I’m so sorry! I certainly looked like a selfish person always trying to pock nose and create problems in other’s life. I feel terribly bad for your fiancée. It doesn’t justify me to be happy when someone is so traumatized by the thought of losing you. You two have invested so much of time together in sustaining the relationship this far and it shouldn’t be ruined just like that; just because one selfish person acted on it. I hope he would understand me, Please make him understand. I sincerely beg you two’s forgiveness and request you to make this relationship successful. I know all too well the severity of pain and distress that he would have undergone because of this ‘breakup’ because I have been in such situation before and it makes me inexpressibly sad. I know how kind you are and how serious you are about making your and other’s life happy, so I hope you will take his possessiveness as a strong testimony for his love for you and make him happy throughout his life. You are a whole world to you and please don’t let his world fall apart. 

Lastly, in his interest and on my own moral responsibility, I shall forcefully remain cut off from you. But but but, you will always remain with me in my heart. I will pray to meet you and have a life together in the next life for in this life you were never meant for me. L You belong to someone else! He is such a lucky person in this world.  

I wish you a very good luck in the forthcoming examinations, and happy life ahead. I will always miss your Selena voice, flashy smile, angelic beauty and lovely personalities. Be the same throughout. 



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