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Whenever I feel tired of my work or lose hope in it, I pull out a bunch of papers containing feedbacks provided every semester by the students and start reading word-by-word and line-by-line. I don’t have the best of feedbacks, that’s not my point, after all I am a beginner and expecting best feedbacks isn’t a reasonable thing. I know I have a long way to go to achieve that. But their feedbacks keep me going and hold me on my toes. Most of them are genuine and constructive in nature. As I stand in the classrooms doing my job, I am reminded and guided by their feedbacks. In fact, they are my true source of inspiration not other way round. Sometimes, they betray my effort and trust but I choose to focus on majority of good doings than whine over minority of bad doings. Of course, I lose control and cool. I scold them for not paying attention, not turning up on time and writing exams carelessly. But I do so all with a deep sense of care and love for them. I want them to succeed and go out with all goals fulfilled ready to take on any jobs that job markets have to offer. By the course of time, when I see them showing some improvement, being on time and showing the sense of belongingness to the college properties, I get that inexpressible satisfaction and joy. The best thing about being a teacher is the opportunity to see our students grow physically, intellectually and graduate as a complete package.
One such moment to rejoice is the teacher’s day. May 2nd it is, the day celebrated throughout Bhutan as the Teachers’ Day coinciding with the birth anniversary of the late third Druk Gyelpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, who introduced modern Education in Bhutan. On this day the teachers are remembered and ‘thanked’ for their selfless effort towards making difference in others lives-the students. Like every other schools, Sherubtse College also celebrates in our own way. We (teachers) were accorded highest of honor starting from the grand reception to a great visual feast through various cultural items.
With this year’s teacher’s day, I have had the privilege to attend the event for the second time and it made me extremely proud of what I am doing for living.  What makes the day even more special is a number of students coming up and expressing their heartfelt thanks. I should say this day is the only day my phone is so engaged. J My otherwise dormant cell phone comes to live as it caters to a numerous calls and text messages from the students, past and present. Even though my phone complains of exhausting memory, I hesitate to delete those messages even after the day has been long gone and here I produce some of the messages, which I received this year’s teacher’s day. 

“May you become the inspiration of today and da dream of tomorrow as you stand infront of thousand eyes….a very happy teachers day!”

“Gud morning sir….v learnd so many things meeting u….v ve seen dat v r nt d worst cus u encouraged us….in wy v r beta everyday cus of u…u ve tuahgt us 2b sincere enuf bu duin uaslf….thanku 4 everything sir…happy teachers day…may evry wishes of uaz b fulfilled….”

“Hy sir, wish u gudmoring & hapi teachers day 2 u, mi pray & wishes willa lyz wid u…tkcr.”

“Hapi teacher’s day la sir….thank u 4 ua n everything la….may god bless you n may u alys b hapi la…once again thanq 4 being light in da darkness la sir….”

“A grt teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart” with this I wish u a very happy teachers day”

“Hapi teachers day”

“Happy Teachers’ days sir. N thank u for everything..”

“Happy Teacher day wish u happy life ahead”

“Happy teachers day to u sir. May this day be remember and cherish always. You gave us wings to fly high. We shall never forget ur Teaching. Thank u sir!!”

“Wish u a happy teachers day…..enjoy ahead”

“Happy Teacher’s day. Thank you my teacher for your wisdom n lesons that I ever hada great chance to enjoy n receive from very authentic teacher. Long life 4 all my great teachers.”

“Sir ur caring mind, loving heart, wisdom speech n helping hands had always kept us going our life. Thank u for every things u gave to us.  Happy teacher’s day la.”

“Wish you a very Happy teacher’s day….hope you are enjoying the day….have a great day and best wishes la…”

“Happy teacher’s day. Thank you sir…”

“I am so sorry sir. I am late but not too late I think. So happy teachers day la. May god bless you and may you all live long. Thank you for sending me where I am today. You hold a permanent special place in me la.”

“Wish u a very happy teacher’s day…good luck 4 d days 2 cum.”

“Dear Sir,
I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. But I found the Divine in my teachers, perhaps the classroom. Thank you sir for always encouraging and you that one of a kind who fits the description that “teacher teaches from heart”. All I want to say is “Happy teachers day” and never lose hope in use.”

“Without you we would have been lost, thank you sir for guiding, inspiring and making us what we are today. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY sir……sorry for delay wishing….”

All I could say in return was “Thank you so much!” and of course, “I have high hopes from you all and I know for sure that one day you all will do me proud.”


  1. Though you write seldom, it is always a pleasure going through your posts .

  2. Thanks...:) I will try to make it frequent...!


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