"Parents and teachers teach children to always speak the truth. Not only is this unrealistic, it is also hypocritical."

The author Mr. Gyalpo Drukpa is currently undergoing LLB in NALSAR University, Hydarbad, India. He is the second topper of the Bhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate (BHSEC) 2005. He studied at Nangkor Higher Secondary School, under Pema Gatshel district from 2004-2005. This essay, which was asked during annual examination, was written in the year 2004 when he was studying in 11 Arts. He maintains a blog, and should you be interested, follow him at http://www.gyelpothungshingp.blogspot.com/

Yes, indeed! Yes. To advice and instigate others to speak the truth has become almost like fashion. It is very unrealistic and to great extent hypocritical. In order to make other's mind bow, first and foremost thing, ones mind should be arrow. Before telling others, one should be perfect. But parents and teachers instigate students and children to speak the truth verbally. They, themselves are not perfect in this case. Our parents and our teachers teach the fatherhood of God without themselves acting the brotherhood of man.
Most of the parents of this advanced world are known evil. They are much more undignified and bounded by low personality. They are the one who spoke false before the society. They might have done many unwholesome deeds but how pathetic is it to find that, having themselves spoiled, they advise children to always speak the truth? Children has been staying with his/her parents by birth itself and thus he is bound to copy what his/her parents are doing. If parents are morally disciplined, the child would be as so. But if parents are morally ruined, it is definite and sure that child will be ruined similarly. A very pretty lie may be told by parents before his/her children. Suppose, if children wanted and demanded their parents to bring them a new trouser when they were leaving to somewhere, but on returning, he may convince his children that he has forgotten but not brought intentionally. Thus, children are the best copiers and they would copy it and next time the children will practice it. He or she will inherit the character of parents.
Similarly, teachers in the school are the parents of children. Taking the responsibilities of parents, they always advices students to tell the truth and even penalize them for having told lies. This is really hypocrisy. Teachers seem dignified in the school premises, but outside they are acting like barbarians. They tell the lie if it is needed and acts in violent manner if it is needed. Teachers are the lender of last resort of students, thus, if having themselves undisciplined, how can his students listen to them? First thing, he should act what he says. Teacher should be an epitome to students and children so that they may act and shape their future.
For instance, some teachers take leave from school leaving his students in vain, intentionally pretending that there are some genuine reasons after feeling bored in teaching. But in fact, they are just going for loitering somewhere else like an undignified man. Also in some cases, teachers are found lying and boasting in the subject matters. They act as if they know all neglecting to research further. Thus, they misguides and mishandles the human brain. Some teachers wait for bribe from students for some matters. They take partiality to some students. They themselves saying that to take partial is sin, yet they themselves are involving in unwholesome deeds.
Thus, parents and teachers of modern world may say anything from mouth. It is very easy to say than to be done. They convinces children and students to say this and that but it is just paradox. Hence, the instigation of parents and teachers to speak truth is not only unrealistic but hypocritical to great deal. Coincidence in words and actions may be found in rare cases but majority of the cases are paradoxical and hypocritical.

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  1. Thanks Pema...amidst so many grammatical errors, I believe, I tried to be so vocal and revolutionary in that paper..haha...May be I had nurtured grievances to some of the teachers which I hardly remember it though..thanks for reproducing it...

  2. Haha, well, speaking frankly, for that level, your essay is just amazing. Here though, while typing I had either missed out some words, or misspelled them. So gradually I will correct them, and if you feel like adding anything else, drop them here!

    Its all my pleasure bro!


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