A Phone got 'lost'?

After I have confirmed that I wouldn't be able to retrieve the phone, I declared it 'lost' and published a status on my Facebook page requesting friends to 'drop me your numbers in my inbox', but kept the story to myself. Heres how I 'lost' my phone three days ago.
It was a dinner time, and having gotten home quite exhausted from the school, I headed in laze to the kitchen, downstairs, to help myself. I stuffed in all the leftovers to a plate, almost built a mountain out of it, and put into the microwave and let it heated for about two minutes. Then, I gobbled them up in few minutes. Got the dishes done, wiped the oven, and responded to the natures call. I was in the restroom (toilet) and relieving quite naturally until I heard a splashing sound beneath me. When I looked down in a rather terrified mode in a quest to find what that splashing sound was, I saw my three year old Motorola phone drowned into the ocean of water and pee and seemingly very suffocated. I was as helpless as my phone!
My thought process was that I would retrieve it after I have flashed the toilet and after my pee gets flashed off. I didn't want to stick my hands into the toilet and fish it out from that highly urine-concentrated 'ocean'. Before I could process and gather all my limited tactics, my left hand had already gotten down and flashed the toilet-a decision I soon regretted, because my phone was nowhere to be found; it was gone! I remained there in the restroom quite defeated and helpless for a while. I didn't really have means to figure that out, but I was seriously worried that it might clog (or block) the toilet. All I could do at that point was to write a note: 'Don't flash, cell phone got stuck inside!" and stick onto it. And I equally cautioned my roommates to their hysterical laughs. I felt so embarrassed, to say the least.
The next day en-route to my college, I stopped by the residence office to let them know about the situation and to 'get it fixed'. But I was greeted with a note 'We will be back in 15 minutes' hung on the window. I couldn't wait for I had a class in 10 minutes. So I continued my journey. It was 4:15 pm when I got out of my last class, and immediately I hurried to the office again. I grabbed a 'complain form' and wrote all my 'complains' (lol) and waited until the blond lady behind the desk gestured to hand in my complain paper. Probably my handwriting was too good for her to read (lol) or she didn't want to address that issue with me, because she handed over to the guy named EZ ( the service guy) after skimming through a bit. EZ skimmed through it, and as expected, he began to laugh at me. I joined him, and we laughed for a while. He assured me that he would come the next day, and try his best to which I thanked him and left the office.
The next day when I came back from the school, I was again greeted with a yellow paper note: 'I tried to pump the water out from the toilet, but phone was not there. It is gone. But its not clogging the toilet, you can use the flash" left on the dinning table.
Oh thats good, I thought myself. Good? Yes, I wasn't worried about my lost cell phone; I was just worried that it might clog the toilet and flood all over the room and would stink. But that didn't happen, so thats what I meant by good. Actually I think the God might have realized that if he didn't intervene in between and somehow take away my old phone, I won't buy a new phone any time soon. But after having serviced me for that long, letting it die such a disgraceful death was very disturbing to me (lol). Again, I am not at all concerned about the phone, but what concerns me the most is my shear stupidity!


  1. ayee...dat's bit funny Pema...nway m soo sorri to abt ur lost phone.

  2. Haha....Sangay....thanks for visiting my blog and reading it....well...yeah its sort of funny.....and as I said my phone was very old.....so I am not really sad.....but what saddens me is....i lost all the contact numbers.....
    anyway....you do well...have a nice day!


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