No More You in Me!

This poem was written when I was studying at Nangkor Higher Secondary School in 11 Science. It obviously shows how I was stuck by the thunderous love with the relationship ending in a lightening speed! To maintain the originality, I did no editing and proof-reading of any sort. So please bear with the grammatical errors, and reading it with light heart would help for I retain no hard feelings on her.

Oh! My Heart!
Never stoop for she is no worth than own life.
Here the death man lies...
What cares the beauties on them?
Reddened on his checks and smiling face white-washed
Yet, no special path for him to leave this world!
Than to follow the equal route does the poor fellows.

You the unfaithful,
And impious wench!
As if immortal and eternal you are.
Boundless are your talks propelled by
The influence of thy boneless tongue.
Talks! How to define it?
It makes man laugh, and cry too.
Thine truth-less talks spoken in dreamily
Were merciless insult to me.
But now you are against my wish.
Dream not I may seek your advice
And I am not in thirst of you.

My cry on you was infinite
The glance over you was systematic without rest.
The dream on you wasn't true instead a false illusion.
I lack the words capable of melting your heart
Nor my heart be made visible to you.
Eventually, my love in vain!

Now never guess today's wind was blown yesterday,
It is merely false with no proof.
So is my bent on you.
I can't die of you nor sacrifice a meal
You hated me but I don't care you.
You be such could grasp the stars
Fulfilled with category of beauties, be a Queen
I gave up you.
Never tends to mingle your laugh with my tears,
I am hornless and tail too.
Let you hate, pretend blind to me
But I will be indeed Pema!!


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