Regrets Really Have no Solution?

Lisa Marie Presley and 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson.
Photo credit: Google
Last night, despite my busy schedule, I kind of felt like watching TV, so I grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV. Subsequently, I went to the channel 11 where NBA basketball game Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks was broadcasted. I watched the first half of the game, and scrolled down the channel guide. There I bumped into the Oprah Winfrey Show featuring a very attractive looking woman and Oprah.
Immediately it caught my attention, not because she is very attractive and her eyes are very sexy, should I say?, but because their conversation sounded very emotional and 'real'. Although I had no idea about who that pretty woman is then, I glued myself to the TV, and waited for her name to appear on the screen. Within a moment and to my relief, a tag bearing the words 'Lisa Marie Presley' appeared just below that pretty woman. By the way, I had the 'google' search engine page already pulled up way before, and was waiting for that moment. So I quickly typed L I S A space M A R I E space P R E S L E Y, and entered! Within a fraction of seconds, whole bunch of information about Lisa Marie Presley popped up. Just to make sure, I was looking for the right person, I clicked on the images first and yes it was a right person. Then, not very surprisingly, I clicked a wikipedia link which took me to her page. I skimmed it through her personal life section, and there I found that she was a former wife of a legendary Pop Star and an International sensation Michael Jackson (late).
Equipped with that information, I proceeded watching the show and completely forgot the NBA game. I hated the commercial breaks as I wanted to hear their talks more and more; without a break! As everybody would expect, their central talk eventually boiled down to the unexpected death of Michael Jackson whose demise on the fateful day of June 25, 2009 'shocked' the entire world. I felt the every pain she was undergoing with each word she uttered about him. "...I have never felt that high in my life....when he (Michael) was himself and let me be with him, it was just something extraordinary...I can't even so intoxicating......he was kind a drug intoxicating me...." (I am of course paraphrasing) was Marie's confession about her relationship with Michael.
However, she sounded very regretful about her actions towards him. She had to leave him to see some positive 'changes', and that she chose to stay cut off from him. The last time they talked was in 2005 when Michael asked if she was willing to reunite. To which she said '..its over"
The final episode of the late night talk show was yet the most emotionally challenging episode. She was talking about her regrets for having stayed out of Michael's life. "...Still I feel like I could have helped him had I kept constant touch with him, and at least say hi....he was under great depression...and he needed so much care....but i just stayed out of contact with him........ thats my greatest regret!.."
It was too late as by the time she realized she was not going to leave him alone, it was a conversation with the coffin in the funeral home!


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