And Thus, Semester Comes to an End!

This Fall semester has been very crucial one, not that others were not, and of course crucial-ness implies a greater challenge. This was the first semester of my senior year, and the courses were just as demanding. All six courses (three Maths, one Humanities, one Management, and one Environment) were very challenging, but I can't deny that they were all intectually stimulating. I had a very slow start, which I soon regreted for I struggled to catch up with the progress at the end. Somehow, though, I could manage to pull on track before it was too late, except the Numerical Analysis course, which I blew off completely! Not that I didn't try, but it just didn't work the way I initially thought. Normally, I consider first mid-term exams (yeah it sounds weird, but here they have a system whereby several 'mid-terms' are conducted before the final exams) as a kind of test drive as to see how professors assess our understanding on the material covered in the class. So that I would be better prepared in remaining midterms, and hopefully do it better. That was exactly what I did, and although I screwed up, I didn't worry much as I was quite confident enough that I could make up the next time.

However, it didn't work as I planned. I did really bad midterms after midterms, and couldn't do much to revive my dropping grades. I became more stressed out, and overwhelmed by the work load. At times, I found myself getting off to bed around 2 am, and waking up at 8 am. The situation just got worse and worse as the semester progressed. No matter how bad you do, time doesn't feel mercy on you. It just flies away without any delay. Just like that, it was already the final week of the semester; on the self study week for finals. "I can really demonstrate in final that I had learnt the materials taught in class, or screw alltogether!" I realized as I dedicatedly reviewed for the finals. Interestingly, the ones which didn't make sense earlier made more sense, and questions which I blew it off in midterms turned out very trivial. In short, I just realized that I learnt more in the final week than I did over the entire semester!
But a week was just not enough a time to cover all six courses. It was already the exam time, and within a week, I am done with the semester! I can't believe that I am now down to one semester, the final one!

Indeed, I've come a long way.


  1. Last one week is always the best part; that when we know how capable we are, that's when we feel that if we have tried a little harder before world would be at our feet... but the last week is the last week and thus the semester ends. You have one final semester to use the power you have achieved during this last week...use it well!

    Best Wishes!

  2. Indeed, the "last one week is always the best part", and I have already promised to myself that I will kick off my final semester with the same level of intensity given the fact that I have already realized how I can actually learn if it is taken seriously!
    Thanks for your inspiring words, sir!

    Wish you a happy winter vacation!

  3. HiPema, Its in deed good to hear that you did the end-semester exam well no matter how it went in mid-terms,Congratulations!....and all the best for the FINAL semester-TRY HARDER FROM THE BEGINNING;U CAN DO IT.

  4. @Karma: Thanks a lot bro. Yeah, despite my slow start, I was able to do the finals comparatively good. Results will be out in a week, so lets see what happens. LOL.
    Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!


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