Dinner with Linda Mom.

With the Semester now over, the chilly winter campus of FIT (Florida Institute of Technology) wears a deserted look; with a fewer number of cars scattered over the parking lots, and fewer number of people hitting the gym. It is no surprise as everybody goes home to spend the Christmas with their family members. Only those who are far away from home, obviously those international students, are the ones who remain in the city of Melbourne. I am one of them.

As the semester gears to an end, the most typical talk around would be about plans for the break. It is not a surprising thing to bump into someone asking you "So, whats your plan for the christmas?", on a day to day basis. Of course, my answer is always "Nothing really. I will be around here". This year's Christmas isn't any different, either. I am here, and will be here. No matter how bored you get, and lonely you feel, you are left with no option. I certainly feel sad having to spend whole winter vacation either sleeping or browsing internet.

But there are equally unfortunate people like me putting a boring life. So it makes sense to get together, and enjoy our own share of time. A friend of mine from India happens to be the one who noticed my presence here. She asked me a couple of weeks ago "If I want to join them for camping at Tampa, Florida." I felt overjoyed and promptly replied in affirmation. Since then, I had a better answer to those inquiries from curious buddies. "Yes, I am going for camping!" I would say then.

However, the weather played its own role putting our only plan to a complete halt! Here I quote what my friend texted me the day before yesterday "...Linda Mom says according to forecast there are 40% shower, so there is no point in going to camping...what do you think?" I was like no way! But yeah, it doesn't make sense to go for camping in extreme weather condition. So I made my decision, and we called off our plan.

Just a few hours after we made our decision, though, I received yet another text message from her. Shweta and our host Ms. Linda have figured out things to do, making it up for our failed plan. Mom had invited us to join her for a dinner, with a provision of playing some games. I agreed to join them, and tonight they picked me up at my apartment, and off we went to mom's house, 15 minutes drive to the downtown.

Shortly after we reached there, we were asked to help ourselves of very delicious food, and drinks. Eating the food with mom, and friends on the dinning table inside the room fully decorated with Christmas tree, twinkling lights, and background soft christmas song made me feel so homely. Although we don't celebrate Christmas in Bhutan, or particularly in my house, I felt strangely happy. After a plateful of deserts comprising cheese cake, chocolate flavored cake, and varieties of cookies, we played games called "Onu" and "Yahtzee". We played nearly three hours, and we called for the day.

Now I feel kind of happy that at least I did something for Christmas, in fact the nice moment. I thank you so much mom, and my friends Shweta, Namrata, and Hyo for inviting me, and giving me a good company. I will cherish it forever.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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