Is YEAR 2012 becoming a reality in Bhutan?

2012 Mystery. Source: Google Images.
I don’t know if the media coverage has improved over the years in Bhutan, or cases of accidents have actually risen, but one thing is very clear-the case of accidents are reported almost everyday. This is very panicking and nerve racking! All of a sudden, Bhutan has become a sorrowful nation. As a kid, I remember hearing the news of accidents of such magnitude through radio only once in a while. Of course, most might have gone unreported, no doubt, but I wonder if nation has suffered such a loss then.

The devastating fire accident that gutted down the entire Chamkhar town, several road accidents, the recent tragic flight accident that killed 18 Bhutanese people in Nepal, and yet the very recent bus accident below Dochula have added wounds to the already panicked nation.

While the flight accidents are the case of rarity, what concern me most are the road accidents, which have seriously become the issue in Bhutan. I don’t know if we should blame the geographic unfriendliness (being a Himalayan nation) as the main cause of accidents, or agree with the stereotype of Americans: “Asians are bad drivers!” Or is RSTA doing an enough job to ensure the safety of those on roads? Is police patrol doing enough to make drivers comply with the traffic rules? Or even worse, IS 2012 BECOMING A REALITY in Bhutan?!

Yes, I understand neither RSTA nor Police alone can ensure that each and every one on road is safe. It is the people who should be mindful, and compliant with the traffic rules. But again, we people although superior than animal, need some sort of a forceful reminder every now and then just to do things right. That’s where RSTA and Police come into play to remind them about the safety measures even if it means by slapping them fines for non-compliance of rules, and instilling in them the sense of safe driving. Eventually they will learn the lesson, and be more alert while driving.

I only wish if everybody on road could be more careful, and follow the rules. Its true RSTA and police can do very little, if people are not being compliant and cooperative with them. After all, I have learnt very recently that both RSTA and Police are shorthanded, and lack man power to put those measures into practical use. For instance, I read in one of the newspapers that there are only few speed guns for police to monitor the speed limit. This needs to be addressed, because driving over the limit is often reported to be the main cause of such accidents. So unless people learn to respect the signboards bearing the speed limit along the road, and police are provided with adequate equipments, the problem will remain as it is of now.

But it is no time to play a blame game, and point fingers at each other. It is rather high time all stakeholders come together, and find means to minimize such dreadful accidents. Together lets get out of this cursed-year 2010!!!!


  1. pema keep on writing such good blogs ..i really love it

  2. Thanks Jamtsho!

    I will keep writing, but please don't forget to come back and read! lol

  3. A wonderful work, enjoyed reading your writings la...

  4. Thats very encouraging to hear Mr. Lethro. Hope to write more, and of course with more substance in days and years to come!

    So come by, and check us back!

  5. Good write up...And its very true year 2010 is a curse to an alluring nation, Bhutan. But one thing that really concern and keep pricking my mind is that media is everywhere after the accidents happen...why can't the media be there before it happens? I know no one can predict but what's good after occurrence?...Anyway, lets pray and hope for the best.

  6. Yeah, you raised a valid point. I hope the media can play a better proactive role by pointing some flaws in the system that needs to be addressed to minimize such mishaps, and of course hold concerned authority accountable.


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