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Okay, we are finally down to the near end of the year 2010. Everybody seems excited waiting for the ‘count down’. Within matter of minutes, and seconds, the New Year 2011 will unfurl right in front of our eyes. It is kind of weird to see other part (other half?) of the World already in 201l while rest half still in 2010, and eagerly waiting for 2011 to officially set its foot.

Traditionally, people make various resolutions for the year; which they would strive to fulfill in the year before they either end up disappointing themselves for failing to live up and yet make another resolutions for the following year. Wishing for good health, to receiving a promotion or raise, to promising to quit smoking, to finding a lasting relationship, to cutting down the weight, so and so forth, the resolutions are varied. Some truly work for it, and live up to their promises. But mostly, they are forgotten midway through the year. It shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone, though. It is a human tendency! You agreed? Say yes.

So today afternoon, I was voice chatting in the Skype with a friend of mine who studies in St. Francis Xavier University, Canada. We are in the same batch, graduated high school from the same school, and now headed for the same profession-teaching. Like I did to many other friends, I wished him a happy New Year before I threw an anticipated question: “What’s your new year resolution?” “My resolution is to have no resolutions,” he replies as a matter of factly. I wasn’t surprised, because I myself feel the same regarding the resolution. I know I may not be able to live up it. So I don’t make any.

For now, I am just waiting for the clock to tick 12:00 AM! That is the moment, which everybody is waiting for, and the moment that marks the beginning of 2011. Sadly, though, I won’t be able to make a toast and shake first handshakes (or hugs) of 2011. Because, I am the only residue at home, and although I have few drinks in the fridge, I am not going to drink like I regrettably drank the last New Year. I don’t want to start my first day of the year sleeping whole day like I did then.

As whatever I do/did finally become “the last thing that I did in 2010”, this article marks the last article of the year. I have ventured into blogging some 9 months or so ago, and written 40 articles on various topics, both good and bad. Hope year 2011 will give me even more reasons to write more, and break this years record! I thank each and everyone who has “followed” me, read my articles, commented on it, and encouraged me to "keep on writing". Without all these, I wouldn’t have found good enough reasons to continue writing. Hoping for the same support, and encouragement in future as well!

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who paid visit to my blog, and made effort to comment. Please don't stop coming.
Tashi Delek!


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