Merry Christmas!

Beautiful Christmas tree. Source: Google Images

Today is Saturday, the 25 th of December. Which means, of course, the Christmas Day. It is “considered” as the birthday of Jesus Christ. I say “considered” because according to “The History of Christmas”, an online organizational source, the actual date was never known! It was in 4th century that “the early Church Fathers in the 4th century fixed the day around the old Roman Saturnalia festival (17 - 21 December), a traditional pagan festivity”. But it was at the later period decided December 25th as the official day.

On this festive day, everybody looks forward to varied surprising presents supposedly “shopped and hidden” for them by Santa Claus. I can totally see what the day means to American people around here. I personally have come to know about this widely celebrated Day not very long ago. It was in 2007, as I came to the US, and got to celebrate the first ever Christmas Day with my ex-host family Kathleen Smith, and Jeff. The colorful lights hung all over the houses, and beautiful Christmas trees (either fake or real) are the most notable scenes during this period of time. While most well-to-do parents don’t have problems surprising their children with surprising presents on the day, it is very obvious the less fortunate parents struggle to live up to the tradition of gifting their children when daily sustenance is their primary concern. But one thing I like very much about here is- more fortunate people buy gifts and donate to the organization to be given to the less fortunate kids. Like, the NBA Basketball superstars and stars hold a shopping camp whereby children from poor family background get to shop of their wish, and enjoy the feel of Christmas.

Being from a culturally different country, whenever I write, I tend to compare or contrast with my country and the country that I am currently in. Bhutan doesn’t celebrate Christmas like the western countries, and closest of the sort which I can think of are annual festivals which are held every nook and corner of the country. So the Christmas day doesn’t mean much to me personally. I don’t spend money for buying gift, nor do I get one from any. My other international friends seem to do the same. However, just to mark the day, we usually hang out, travel around, and go to a party. This year, too, we went to the city of Miami, a roughly over 3 hours drive from the Melbourne City. We spent a night over there, and surely we had a blast. We walked along the south beach, known for its popularity as a hot tourist destination, hit some bars, and certainly got a feel of Christmas atmosphere of the city of Miami, the biggest city in Florida.

With this, I am now four Christmas old. In five months, I will be heading back to my country, and I won’t celebrate Christmas anymore there, so this clearly marks the last and final Christmas for me!

Till then, Merry Christmas to you all!!!!



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