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A compromise (repost)

Everyone of us have been borne the way that we are now. Some are happy with what they are or how they are or what they have. Some even go to an extent of hurting oneself for being that way ignoring the greatest (rarest) gift that we have indeed ever gotten- the life! By virtue of karma or love, people from the different section of lives bump into each other and the bond develops. Neither does one know nor the conscience of the future and it's delicacy. The time plays the role and mints the 'ship'-the greatest sailing ship of the world. But not many (me included) contemplate to compromise the 'thing' for the wider good. At times, the barrier gets built up and road to the 'right' information gets blocked! It ends with unwanted results, the result which paralyzes 'the functions of bond'. Quite often the silly complications lead to an unsolvable equation. Then the whole chemistry gets messed up! No matter how hard one tries to settle the unfounded compl

An Awaited News (repost)

The day was so beautiful and I was very happy . I can't remember the particular place (don't find it crazy though, I've answer at the end), but the sceneries were so breathtaking. Ever since I left my country, which is more than a year now, I was mostly predominated by the memories of parents and friends. I felt lonely and often regreted for coming here. I was worried that there might be more sad stories than happy memories though being in the most deveolped country. I kept communicating in dreams over the nights and I tried comforting myself. My heart was filled with tremendous happiness as I came to my country and got to meet my parents. My dad and mom seems to look over-joyed to have me back at home after a long time while my sister introduces me her little duaghter(my niece). Woah, I like kids very much, I was really happy to have her in my arms. She is such a cute lill baby!! That alone wasn't responisble(ed) for making day great. I was actually with my dearest o

Happy Day (Re post)

Florida is better known as "Sunshine state"; meaning always sun shine and hot weather. These days; however, are blessed with pleasant and warm weather while northern states are battling with the freezing weather. It provides the most wonderful condition for those who are willing to take a walk and hang out over a cup of coffee. Yesterday, thursday 8th Jan. 2009, I woke up around 8:30 AM and got ready for the day. I have had the goals set up for the day and as I started my journey to my college biking, I recited Tashi Tsekpa(prayer) silently. 30 minutes paddling across a busy street wasn't a joke, yet I made it. I was in fact following my friend and it was a joyful ride though my buttock started paining. I made it to the college and proceeded to handover my housing contract. That was the one I was more concerned about or gave me the biggest burden. Thank god, my repeated requests yielded a successful handover. Take a note-I am now finally out from this fucking dorm! I w

Reflection: A Sense of Motivation

The summer semester is in full swing, and assignments are coming in nonstop. I already had a civilization quiz last week, and the modern physics mid-term exam 1 just day before yesterday. Another quiz is being announced for coming Tuesday, and I am still trying to catch up with the readings. Theres just too many readings, which I am not very keen of doing it. in fact, I hate it! But if I succumb to my hatred, there is a slim chance of getting even C, forget about getting an A or B. I certainly don't want this to happen as I am so conscious about my grades. I mean I have to be because I am obligated to summit the report end of every semester to the IIE (Institute of International Education) head office, my funding agency. It is clearly spelled out in the TOA (Terms of Appointment) that the grantees are expected to demonstrate a satisfactory academic performance, and that the continuation of grants would depend on the grades. Sounds pretty scary, and what if they finds me unsatisfa