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Happy New Year 2014!

Like rest of the world, the 'New Year' fever has caught the border town of Phuntsholing and at 11: 50 PM the musics are only roaring louder from every part of the town. Checking out from the Gol-Building, I can see people of all age levels rushing to the party halls and some simply roaming around the town, mostly in pair- couple I mean. Bhutanese, Nepali, Hindi and English pop and rock songs fill the night in roaring fashion. Unlike them who took this New Year Celebration to the street, I chose to remain inside, simply because I am too tired to go out and mark the end of the year 2013 partying and dancing. But being in the Gol-Building in the heart of the town isn't really away from partying and merry making. I feel like I am already in the clubs and party hall with all those deafening sounds buzzing around. The only difference is I am alone in the room, in front of the TV-with the Chelsea-Liverpool epic premiere league match rebroadcast, and side by side penning this tho