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Driving through rough roads!

This week has been the toughest week in many years. Of course, final semester weeks aren't going to be that easy which I know quite well, but never expected to be that bad! The undergraduate research (aka senior year research or senior design) was the culprit who took away every bits of my life. Just last Thursday, my research advisor Dr. Tenali, sent me an email about the research presentation which is to be held on the coming April fools day, and the poster was due today at 4pm. It was just a week's time frame to develop the poster, and necessary details. It was just not enough a time given the fact that I have other academic requirements to meet with six courses under my belt for this semester! I ran to his office countless times by now, and I am already feeling pretty tired of seeing him (lol). All he does is give me the paper, and leave everything for me to figure out, which I did to the best of my ability. However when I get stuck, he is of very help to me. He was tot

A Little Gesture of Your's Means a Lot To Others

Funny enough, we had a plan like any other students for the spring break. I did bounce back and forth from the plans though; initially I was set to go for camping to Daytona with Indian and Caribbean friends, but had to withdraw due to the time conflicts and finally planned to go to Atlanta with Japanese and Korean friends. We were highly looking forward to it. With those plans in my mind, a kind of incentive, I kept working my butt off to complete the assigned projects and homework before leaving for Atlanta. We were supposed to take off on Wednesday, the 9th of March, 2011. After submitting my assignment (with incorrect results!), I enquired the team coordinator (the Japanese guy) about our trip. What I received for a reply though left me in a complete surprise. "It is canceled! Didn't Sena  (the korean guy) tell you about this?" And he continues, "Sorry for that!" Sensing something strange about the whole thing, I replied "No its fine! What happ