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Being responsible…

If you are not responsible for your mistake, who is? A couple of weeks back I played the game of soccer. It was Physics vs. Mathematics group of PgDE ‘B’. Normally, we prefer playing in the morning due to extreme heat in the daytime. I would be up by 5 AM sharp without complain, all because of a great love for the game. If I were to rate myself in a scale of 10, I would give not more than 5; I am just an average player but that doesn’t deter me at all. Me at the extreme right: Team Tri-Sci (PgDE 'B' B) vs. BEd. IV Yr But that time, though, it was already 5:30 AM when I woke up. Within no time, I reached out and woke the teammates up and made our way to the playfield. But to our utter disappointment, the B.Ed students-ten of them playing Futsal-had occupied the playfield. I blamed the teammates for being late and that was what we get being late. I didn’t want to give up after waking up that early. And I didn’t want to negotiate with the B.Ed students either. Some o

In the name of L O V E...

I kind of knew this was coming when you first cornered me into a tough spot! Yet, I didn’t have enough guts to stand firm with my beliefs. I gave in, rather easily, and now here I am, a completely frail and dejected man. I don’t really love the way you lied! It occurred to me as a chain of misleading words from the very early on, but as if the repeated lies could become true, I thought may be I was wrong, and that you were dread serious about the whole thing. Hence, my acceptance! In fact, I have fought a losing battle in that tough spot as to how I should or must go about it. I pondered over the issue over and again, and every time I did, only one thing occurred to me: I’m digging my own graveyard! Only had I been smart and decisive enough to take a ‘right’ course then, though, I wouldn’t be here right now penning down this painful and ugly truth of the fateful encounter with a girl in the name of LOVE! P.S. Before any one of you draw a conclusion that I was away from

Happy LOSAR (New Year)!

Today, it is all about the day of festivity for the Bhutanese people like our Chinese counterparts. After all, it is our New Year! The day coincides with the first day of first month of the Bhutanese Calendar.  Normally, it is the day where family gets unified, relatives and friends get together over a lavishly prepared dishes or a cup of Ara, locally brewed alcohol and Bangchang, the fermented rice/corn juice(?). Like every one of you would have something to do on the eve of the day, I for one have a very simply thing. I send out text messages to wish all the contacts that I have saved in my cell phone. This time too, I sent out to nearly 150 people, and about 73 replied to my sms. The most enjoyable part is, of course going through all the texts one by one. Each one of them carries a certain messages to convey about the day, not to mention about their comedic nature. This year’s out going text message was as follows: “Its time to celebrate, enjoy, and above all reflect