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Sherubtse bids Farewell to its senior most Faculty

Prof. Gopal in his office, during his final days at Shercol When I first got introduced to Prof. Gopal and Prof. Bala by Madam Dean as a new recruit in the faculty of Mathematics back in 2011, I was nervous! I survived that somehow but when the Head of School then allocated office with two of them, I was even more nervous and worried! Not because they were terrifying, but because I am no match with them and sharing office with Professors was nerve-wrecking. I was worried that our generation gap would be a big issue not to mention about their already established professionalism as compared to a fresh graduate like me. But I was so wronged. Both of them were welcoming, kind-hearted, adjustable, friendly and above all caring. Within no time, I felt comfortable and in fact felt fortunate to be under the guidance of the two professors. But their departures had me shaken, because I had looked up to and counted so much on them for whatever problems I would encounter in my teaching career.

The Last Words-Being conscious of TIME!

Following excerpts are the last words with my students (classes VII & IX) of Chapcha Middle Secondary School, Chukha, during the Farewell session, in August 2012. I taught them (mathematics) for 45 days as a practicing teacher (TP). The time is a precious resource, which you cannot save for future! Does it sound familiar? I hope it does. Because I have been saying this, countless times and if it was something perishable, it would have been long perished and found its destiny in a garbage pit. But it isn’t something of that sort to say the least. It is a timeless thing. As a GNH graduate, you should be mindful of the time and its significance. And use them judiciously. Don’t waste time for something that would lead you to nowhere, be it short term or long term. There is absolutely no harm in aiming so high, unless of course those aims come into your life as deterrents. But your high aims should sufficiently be backed with consistent efforts from your part. In fact, it is onl

The New Beginning!

Today is the new beginning for me in many ways. Today is the first day after the New Year-LOSAR-2013. The female snake year in our Bhutanese term. This marks the beginning of the new year in our Bhutanese tradition, even though it has been almost one and half months since the commencement of the actual New Year 2013. I have just returned from Deothang after a simple gathering with my parents down there over a lavish lunch and drinks. Despite the college being opened for its academic year 2012 (Spring Semester) on 8th of February, for the obvious reasons, the actual teaching couldn't be started then. In fact, not even today! With a feel of heavy yoke already in my neck, having given to teach two complete modules Discrete Structures (for VI Semester MP) and Calculus I (for B.Sc. Comp. Sci. A & B), I took today as a very special day. The day that can make a biggest of difference-creating a right impression in other words.  The very class for the day was at 8:30 AM