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First ever trophy in my life!

"For the valuable contribution you have made! " It is not the size of the trophy but the moment of it being awarded that matters I t took me these many years-16 years- to get a trophy! May be I have been around too many years that now they felt the need to give me one, probably? (lol) No, seriously I have not been recognized with any sort of trophies for contributing my hours to social activities until today. This marks the beginning, and hope it doesn't stop here!  I did, however, have received a dozen or so of certificates for academic excellence since the second grade till I graduated from high school (12th standard). Sorry it sounds kind of showy; I can't help it (lol). But before you jump into a false conclusion that I am a "study freak", let me tell you I have engaged in co-curicular activities during my schooling days as much as I have engaged in studies. The only problem(?) though was I haven't won any awards or recognitions. May be they