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The Sun Set in My World!

I am still taken aback by that fateful event.  That cruel fate had me "broken" into million pieces from which I have yet to come out "alive" in full glory. No word of condolences and desperate "cheer up" attempts of friends made any sense to me. A very heavy ‘invisible’ force stuck me so hard that knocked me down unconscious. Sympathizers and friends alike freaked out by the terrible sight of me. I was a sick man with all dreams shattered. I could hear and see yet nothing really existed. I would walk miles with no clear destination. I would wake up from a nightmare, totally soaked in sweat.  Living in that amusing hallucinatory castle was a beautiful feeling only to be short-lived. I would think millions different things yet only one thing would eventually come to focus, repeatedly. It was irresistible and I gave up after playing that losing battle. My airbed turned unbearably cold and otherwise charming life turned into a source of miseries. I