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A Spring of Hope

Back again! Yeah, to this blog. After repeated failed attempts to revive blogging, I am once again giving it a try. Perhaps, the one last time! I have always wanted to write, write and write something, because of which I have created this blog in the first place. But you know this writer's block? That's right, I am plagued by this block. Quite often I tend to have "brilliant" ideas running in my head and bubbling inside, but moment I reach out for pen and paper, I would be stuck with one sentence, not able to make an inch forward! At times, I write whole lot only to be discarded in the last minute. This time though, I have come back with a determination to continue writing something, at least something to keep my blog alive even if it's not worth reading! The idea is that eventually I might be able to come up with a worthwhile read, may be it would take a very long time, but I have made a start. That I believe is important. Lets keep the fingers crossed!  Mean