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2020 - The Hope!

Here it is - the much awaited New Year 2020! I said 'much awaited' because the Year 2019 had been the toughest year for me and my family with serial of events happening, which I hope shouldn't happen to anyone. The 2019 New Year Eve shall remain the darkest day yet. It was on this day last year that we had to accept the true reality of life - the impermanence. Waking up to a phone call, I couldn't come to terms with what had happened. I wished I was simply going through a bad dream. An unplanned journey in a packed taxi, yet so lonely and dry. Never expected the New Year to unfurl in that manner even in my wildest thoughts. Every time I visit Thimphu, I purposely avoid the sight of Lungtenzampa MSS, in particular the basketball court. Our final approach to that ground was heartbreaking and the sight of a tent 'housing' him was unbearable. It still kills me to the core to recollect the scene of my beloved brother lying lifeless! The pain that I endured by the