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Learning English

English has always been one of the toughest subjects throughout my schooling days. It was even worse in the elementary classes, and it would totally leave me in a state of hopeless. Although Mathematics wasn't my thing either while in primary classes (surprisingly I am majoring in Mathematics now!), I thought it was quite straight forward. We could practice, memorize formulas, and apply it accordingly! It was more of a puzzle game; if you try doing it again and again, you become good at it. But English doesn't have that sort of direct formulas. Let me be clear here, heres my confession: I don't know seriously! It was in one of the English classes in Tshebar Lower Secondary School, Pema Gatshel, Bhutan, where I happened to ask question to an English Teacher in quest of solving my doubts. The lesson of the day was on "Present Tense, Past Tense, and Simple Present Tense", and I was stuck more with the latest one-the simple present tense. I appreciated the fact that

A Phone Call

I was seated in front of my computer with a cup of coffee after waking up a bit late that day. I turned the window blinds, and peeped outside. It looked so bright and hot as usual days in Florida. It was pretty good day I should say as I was feeling in a mood to study. So I was enthusiastic about completing the Civilization response paper which was then due the very next day. Emails checked, news read, and profiles visited. I was all set for starting my task of the day. I was half way through reading the thick Western Literature book: "The Norton Anthology". Time to time I read the directions (questions) given for the response paper, and tried relating to the text that I was reading. At certain points, I felt so pumped up with the information, and sometimes so totally lost inbetween. When I could find nothing relevent and interesting points that would help build my arguments, I felt of cursing the professor. But I knew, that was not the right way to go by! Then, I would pro

A Mistaken Love!

It was on 8th of June, 2004, that I got imprisoned in the world of "Love". I found myself no better than a thief who had stolen ‘Her’ bread, and hidden in the dark and friendly corners of the night. I was only a little boy studying in tenth standard oblivious to the craziness of Love. My heart went on roaming with no definite or perfect destination. In due course of time, I met glamorous Soelzom, a former school mate. I felt something very unusual after seeing her or I would rather say I got completely carried away by her beautiful and divine figure! “Why only now?” I pondered over as to why I had no feelings for her while our four years of stay in the previous school. And quickly I figured out an answer: “It is all about the ‘right’ time, which without doubt is today!” On that day in the summer sun, the nameless yearnings filled my soul. She was so congenial to me, and subsequently the handful of my heart went to her. I being an innocent boy having little idea that the bod

Happy Birthday!

Today is all about being in a festive mood, and happy. Its on this day 23 years back that I first stepped onto this world! Not until very recently, however, that I took it as a bit serious affair and gave due recognition. As an underprivileged boy, back in Bhutan, I didn't have resource to mark and celebrate the day. To my friends surprise, I had no idea about my birthday until high school let alone celebrating it. It was only when we were required to fill the forms for the issuance of examination entry card that I came to know about it! Now being on the foreign soil, I can't help but remain amazed seeing how the "birthdays" are given that importance. Its more of a family affair, and the loved ones go on to surprising their counterparts with their presents and parties. Afte feeling the need, and appreciating the cause, I celebrated my first ever birthday (my 21st birthday), in 2008 joined by my international friends. It was both happy as well as shameful moment, th