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A Friendship Day?

If I remember correctly, the wishes for the friendship day have started coming in since July 31st. A bit curious, as always, I looked up in the Google! A prominent person on the Twitter presumably clueless about the day twitted:   Yiwang Pindarica   ‏ @ yiwangpindarica 1 Aug Is today friendship, day?? Ive been getting a lot of messages from my friends :) which only heightened my curiosity. Of thousands of related posts (info) that Google displayed, I looked two and both said that the International Friendship Day in fact for the year 2013 is on 4th of August 2013, that is today.  I quickly twitted her back. And she replied: " thank u :) # whatwouldwedowithoutgoogle haha". Being the fervent believer of the Google and having 'confirmed' of the date, I didn't reply or wish anyone until today. But with usual Sunday chores, I had nearly forgotten about the day. If it wasn't for a friend who teaches in Lhuntse that sent me the message, I would have