A Friendship Day?

If I remember correctly, the wishes for the friendship day have started coming in since July 31st. A bit curious, as always, I looked up in the Google! A prominent person on the Twitter presumably clueless about the day twitted:
Is today friendship, day?? Ive been getting a lot of messages from my friends :)

which only heightened my curiosity. Of thousands of related posts (info) that Google displayed, I looked two and both said that the International Friendship Day in fact for the year 2013 is on 4th of August 2013, that is today. 

I quickly twitted her back. And she replied: "thank u :) haha".

Being the fervent believer of the Google and having 'confirmed' of the date, I didn't reply or wish anyone until today. But with usual Sunday chores, I had nearly forgotten about the day. If it wasn't for a friend who teaches in Lhuntse that sent me the message, I would have forgotten totally. After replying to her message, I composed a message and sms-ed to the friends whom I have a great opportunity to share precious time at one point of my life.

"Close ur eyes 4 a sec & stand still n think of ur precious gift yet in ur life. I hope that gift is ur luvly frens. How lucky 2 have them, right? Happy Friendship Day!"

This was my short message for my friends on this special day, today. So, the same message goes out to my dear readers and fellow wonderful bloggers from whom I draw inspiration and motivation. Our virtual friendship shall shine forever.



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